Sunday, 9 December 2012

What I Wore....In the 80's

 When I read Cass' blog post about what she wore in the 1980's I just had to join in the fun. I must say I LOVED the 80's. Apart from having a nightmarish teacher for two years of primary school who had it in for me, I had a wonderful childhood. I was a bit of a ratbag back then.

Here are a few of my favourite outfit pics from many moons ago........

 The above pic was taken in about 1980
With my sister on the left, my hubby's sister in the middle & me on the right.
Yes Mr P & I go WAY back which is kind of cool because we share many of the same memories of growing up.

Classic early 80's styling
My sister on the top left sporting a cowgirl look
3 friends in between, 2 with pink ponchos
Everyone has long socks & handbags
Me on the right in a frock that's way too short & carrying my trusty poncho, also wearing white wedges

 I did love a bit of velvet, & socks with pompoms. I'm sporting a stylish side pony on a pink billy cart.

 This was a fleece skirt & top outfit. Carrying my Strawberry Shortcake doll.  My sister was looking more demure with a huge collar
Peep toe shoes must have been all the rage

 All matchy matchy with some friends. 
Cotton skirts with big pockets & matching tops

 My sister & I in pastel overalls

I'm on the left in corduroy knickerbockers, long socks & matching beanies.
We are all excitedly clutching our curly straws. 

How I love dress up days. That's me in a wig on 'Asian day'.

Some attractive pleated denim. Funny that my sister & I both broke a bone around the same time.

The bird thing goes way back. 
More pleated denim & a pink polo shirt

 I remember getting these koala jumpers for our birthdays. They were 3 dimensional with real fur koalas on a tree. I would sit there petting it for ages.
Super cool

We were all dressed up to go to a rock concert. Me in a red & white snowflake jumper & tube skirt, my sister rocking that koala jumper again in a double pink ensemble.
She's gonna hate me for posting this!

 Must say I LOVED the 80's
but the fashion not so much!

Thanks to Cass Can Sew for the inspiration!


  1. many cute photos! I love 80s fashion too - its just so over the top. I especially love the koala jumpers :D

  2. Ah… growing up in the 80s. So many memories! ;)
    Your koala sweaters are pretty crazy amazing.

  3. OMG! Knickerbockers, drop-waisted dresses and socks with pom-poms! I had them all (and more!) Thanks for the memories.

    p.s. the 80's were pretty diabolical as far as fashion was concerned weren't they?!

  4. BEST idea ever and might have to steal and link you back :P

  5. The pastel overalls! Cord kinickerbockers (though I had them in the 70s - with Holly Hobby on them!), drop waisted dresses - I had a 'Let's get physical!' one. The bird pics are very familiar - was that Currumbin? O'Reilly's? Love this post, such great memories - thanks so much for sharing! Sarah xxx

  6. aahhh what lovely photo's you all looks so sweet. I have to say as a child from the 80's to i had a great childhood to but have to agree with you the clothes DID NOT ROCK AT ALL :-)) dee xx

  7. Thank you so much for linking! These photo's & the fashions are fantastic!!! I can't pick a favourite... they are all so good! I love the hairstyles by the way.
    Cass x

  8. Great photos, lovely memories! Oh those drop waisted dresses and pleat-front trousers...Neither were a good look on me! xxxx

  9. My aunt lived in Melbourne in the 80s so loads of my own 80s fashion memories have an Australian flavour, we all had Aussie sweatshirts and jumpers. Fantastic photos, I remember knee high socks and t bar shoes very well, I'm tempted to wear them again!

  10. I loved these! The 1980s really were an odd time for fashion, that's why I started wearing vintage. You look so cute, I'd recognise your beautiful smile anywhere. Jon and I have known each other since we were 6, it's great to have so many common mates and memories! xxx

  11. I was smiling through this whole post. Especially at the pet-able koala shirts. That is for sure something I would have begged my Mom for. These pics reminded me so much of my childhood.
    Thanks for doing this post. =D

  12. OMG these are such FABULARSE pix!!!
    O,some of the fashions give me nightmares,but I am finally making my peace with the 80's, I think!! I'm so glad I was a Goth for most of it!

  13. What a fun post! I don't have many photos of me at all from the eighties and that's probably a good thing! I do recall Sarah Ferguson having a huge influence on girls clothes over here though, with seamed tights with bows and satin hair bows that attached with a metal clip, called rather unadventurously, Fergie Bows!

  14. What a fun post, sorry i missed this one. You brought back too many tragic childhood memories, knee high socks with sandels in particular.

  15. ahahahahahahahahahahahah oh man that made me laugh - cause I know my piccies would be exactly the same! I love that you and your sister broke your arm at the same time, you petted your koala jumper, and you looked like a super cool your red & white snowflake jumper. Oh the 80's - we so ruled!


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