Sunday, 2 December 2012

Swaps & Freebies

I got a text message from my dearest Jess on Saturday morning. She had spotted a sideboard at a local car boot sale & thought I should check it out. So I trotted down to the monthly sale. I liked it, but it wasn't my "dream" sideboard....You know those Danish style ones with sleek lines & the high price tags. The seller was so keen to get rid of this Australian made sideboard that they drove over to my place to look at mine & we did a swap. We had a Balinese style TV unit that just didn't complement our decor. So I ended up with this one from the 1960's for free, manufactured by the Hancock Brothers, who ran a sawmill & made furniture in Australia starting in the 1890's. At least now I have a piece of furniture I prefer & which will do the job until I find the ultimate piece. I changed the handles for a pair from a 1950's dresser collecting dust in our garage.

I replaced the wooden handles for these metal ones.

 I'm still undecided about the layout....sideboard in between cabinet & pigeon holes or on the end??? I'm thinking maybe in the middle looks less busy. It's clutter central around here!

I picked up this set of old wooden canisters from one of the car boot sellers for $3. 

I had to buy this ghastly tea towel seeing as it is from the year I was born.

Here are a few things I scored from the freebie bin........

A sweet little plaque from 1960

Two 1960's Rubbermaid kitchen mats for hot dishes

Not a bad haul for a total of $4!


  1. What a great swap! The new cabinet really suits the space. I like the new handles you placed on it too, isn't it great to have lots of things hanging around that you can pull out at any minute :)I think the tv looks better centred under the clock, so photo 2.

    I have a little draw set made from the Hancock ply, it has a stamp of a bulldog on it also. A post for another day.

    Great tt, it would make a perfect cushion. T x

    p.s I will be surprised if I don't break my neck on the bikes, you have to twist and turn to move around this place. Can't swing a cat!

  2. Ghastly? What are you talking about? There's nothing ghastly about that t.towel! Ha-ha!

  3. A swap is a great idea! I like your new cabinet, and I think the second layout is my preferred option. Though if you saw our terribly cluttered crappily laid out house, you might choose not to listen to anything I have to say on the matter!
    Great cannisters and you HAVE to have a tea towel from your birth year, ghastly or not!
    Good shopping, Leisa! xxxx

    1. Love the canisters - and the other finds!
      Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. LOVE the new cabinet and the fab tea towel! Such bargains. Sarah xxx

  5. Loving the free cabinet, it looks perfect in your fabulous lounge. The God First plaque is hilarious! x

  6. That's a pretty awesome sideboard! what a great swap!
    And so many goodies...I'd love a fossick through your house,it seems to be loaded with treasure....

  7. i adore the tea towel here! lovely items!

    lindsey louise

  8. That tea towel really is feral, lol!!! But then I'm biased, I hate tea towels. I'd put the pigeon holes next to the wall on the far right. Great swap, looks like you wouldn't fit a bigger unit in that space anyway.xx.

  9. The sideboard does look fantastic and not only was it free but you had it delivered! Lucky! Love all your mid century furniture and the canisters are great too

  10. My Mom always had one of those Rubbermaid hot trays - on the stove!

  11. The new sideboard looks fab in your lounge and I like the shelving to the right of it - the objects stand out more then don't they? The metal handles look perfect:). Canister set!! Amazing and one MUST have a birth-year tea towel if the opportunity presents itself;) xoxo

  12. Wow girl, you scored! That sideboard is amazing, and totally suits your decor. I like it placed in between the two other cabinets, rather than to the side. And what a story to tell, as to how it ended up in your home!! Nice work xx ps I love the new handles too, you clever thing!

  13. I too have a piece of furniture by the Handcock bros. Lucky furniture swap,clutter is good!


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