Sunday, 16 December 2012

She's the Best

My dear friend Jess & I swapped Christmas gifts the other day. We met at a local cafe with our arms full of wrapped presents which we placed all over the table. We've been friends for about 25 years now so we know each others tastes pretty well. Here are some of the lovely things she gave me........

 I must say I ADORE this deer head barometer. 
Super cool!

 Jess made this wall hanging

Kitsch bird tea towel from the town we've holidayed at since we were young

 Isn't she good to must have been painful giving this away! A glorious unused sheet in the original packaging that she beat me to at Salvos. What a wonderful friend. Not sure if I'll use it on our bed or have a frock made from it.

Japanese serving dish with a woven plastic handle

 The beautiful book Granny Chic

 So much beautiful eye candy & inspiration!

Here's a song dedicated to Jess by Matthew Sweet. We used to LOVE this song, & we cranked it up when we would drive to uni together back in the early 90's.

Love you darling girl!
I wonder if we'll still be op shopping together in another 25 years?!?


  1. It's so good that you have such a great friend to go op shopping with who knows your taste so well! I will miss my bestie and op shopping bud Alisha when I move - might have to convince her to move with me ;)

  2. YAY! Awesome goodies - thanks Jess! The sheet is beautiful - have a frock made PLEEEEEASE! Also love the mental deer barometer! Sarah xxx

  3. I'm in love with the deer head *_*

  4. Oh Jess is a sweetheart, what lovely gifts. I too am fancying the deer and the sheets, you can't go past the sheets.....devine. X

  5. You opened your pressies already? Tut tut! That's really naughty!
    Love that deer's head and that fabric would make a stupendous frock! x

  6. Oh sweet what lovely gifts for such a special lady!!!!!
    You just must make the sheets into a dress, it would be amazing on you!!!!!
    Sending furry squirrel hugs and love V!!!!!,
    Thinking of you from Dunedin

  7. If I got this stack of glorious presents, I would just cancel Christmas, because as far as I would be concerned, I've had it!! Every single thing is amazing and I recall the two of you making a grab for the vintage deadstock sheets, what a darling to gift them to you after all and the Granny Chic book is ... well I simply MUST have it too!!! I've always wanted a kitsch barometer and the Japanese bowl is gorgeous:). xoxoxoxoox

  8. Gorgeous gifts! Isn't it great to have a friend who really gets you?
    And she gave you the SHEET! Jess must really love you! xxx

  9. Who needs Christmas now,a lovely friend indeedy,awesome goodies and love that book.

  10. A frock,a frock!!!
    OMG,that deer head barometer is the BOMB!
    That's sooo l;ovely you still have each other after all this time.Just awesome.I once got sunstroke at Caloundra,when I was about 14.Ugh.
    Ooo,I will be on the lookout for that book......XXXXXXXXX

  11. What a great friend! I hope you are still friends in 25 years and onwards, especially with spectacular gifts like a deer head barometer. Awesome!!

  12. Oooh such awesome pressies. The deer barometer and the sheet are my favourites. Granny Chic is on my Xmas list. xx

  13. I really love that little dish, so sweet. The deer head is really cool too. You get some fantastic stuff xxxx

  14. Oh gosh Leisa, what a wonderful bestie you have; she knows you inside and out! That deer head is amazing and I did giggle at you getting that sheet set in the end! I've seen the book it worth purchasing??? Now do tell...what did you give her?? xx


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