Friday, 28 December 2012

Modern Style Frock Friday

You might start to think the Woolloongabba Antique Store is our second home. I might just live there if I could, surrounded by such an array of vintage goodness. It seems to get better every time I go. Here are a few pics from our last visit before Christmas.

I LOVE these old railway lamps

No suprises that I fell in lurve with this green frock
No I didn't buy it....but it's so me isn't it?

Mr P was tempted by yet another plane

Kermit phone for $300

 I found this frock by the label 'Modern Style' at Vinnies in Paddington. I really liked the style & fit but I wasn't so sure about the colour scheme as it's a bit muted. Mauve is yet another colour I have never worn. Now that I wear vintage all of the time I am becoming a bit more adventurous with styles & colours, which means I don't have to wear green every single day! I do love the metal zip & matching belt, & the touch of blue in the floral print.

Outfit details....

Vintage Frock - Vinnies Paddington
Brooch - Vintage Treasures
Vintage beads - Lifeline
Turquoise silver necklace - Rubi
Turquoise ring - Endos
Bracelet - Ipswich op shop
Card box basket - Salvos
Shoes - Rubi


  1. Holy awesomeness - this is my fave outfit of yours ever! The frock is PERFECT on you and I love all of the gorgeous turquoise accessories! The basket is EXQUISITE and there are so many fabulous treasures in that store (I have spent quite a bit of time there myself over the years!) and OMG I BLOODY LOOOOVE THAT HOT PINK CANISTER!!! You are more gorgeous every day! Sarah xxx

  2. those owls are fantastic! The mauve dress was a great choice, it looks really gorgeous on you, now you can buy loads more mauve dresses! I love the blue accessories and nails with it too. I'd love a snoop round that place it looks fabulous! xxx

  3. Your dress is gorgeous, you look lovely in it and your nails and accessories are fantastic.
    That shop looks such a treasure trove - I've spotted one of my beloved Portmerion Greek Key cannisters and I'm dying over those boots! x

  4. It's great you are becoming MORE adventurous with colors. I find myself doing the same. (Life is too short to have so many rules about color patterns ans styles..... right???)
    Man does that store ever look COOL. My jaw dropped at those art deco canisters. Oh and the coffee/tea set IT'S AWESOME!!!!

  5. I have to agree with everyone else the frock is beautiful the muted tones let your gorgeousness shine.
    I really need more regular antique centre visits but I do find that hard living down on the coast, with two little ones if they tag along want to touch everything.
    You know what I'm going to say about the green frock you were showing off. X

  6. The shop look like such an amazing treasure trove. Love the coffee set and the glassware.
    Your frock is so pretty, the softer tones really suit you. Just shows, it's good to try stuff we think doesn't suit us, you just never know! As always, you accessorise like a demon! xxxxx

  7. You look so great in this dress and I'm always jealous of your gorgeous accessories! Ahh, take me back to Brisbane and the Woolloongabba Antique Centre! It's heaven, isn't it? Xxx

  8. Oh you looks so very pretty in that wee dress sweet and I love the belt.
    We want to say a very big thank you for all your amazing and lovely comments this year, they have meant a lot. Also a big hug for sharing your wonderful world of treasure and gorgeous dresses with us.
    I am sure in my heart that this new year will bring much love and happiness to you and your lovely husband.
    Sending a very big new years hug.

  9. I always thought I was allergic to pastels, until I realised I was wearing them quite a lot! Love the mauve frock, it's just delish and you look rather sexacious in it!
    I love those railway lamps too! And most of the other exciting looking goodies..drool........XXX

  10. I agree with Helga, the dress is gorgeous, fits you perfectly and the blue accessories work so well. The bag made from cards is fabulous - I do hope I can find one, one day. xx

  11. Leisa, you are pulling off the new mauve purchase most definitely! By adding the turquoise it's making the whole thing pop! I found a skirt recently with similar colours so thanks for the tip on how to bring it to life - good to see the latest bag made an appearance too!! xx


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