Tuesday, 11 December 2012

GC Spoils

A few of you were wondering whether I made any purchases while we were down the Gold Coast the other day. I was rather restrained at 20th Century Antiques, as I only came away with some orange beads & bangles, & a cotton petticoat with netting. Due to my op shop finds, I tend not to buy too much at proper vintage stores anymore, plus there is the ever present space issue which curtails my spending. After a vintage rummage at Coolangatta, we traveled north stopping in at op shops along the way. Two that stocked dedicated vintage racks were the Palm Beach Lifeline, & Broadbeach Lifeline. The others were all a bit hit & miss, although I did pick up two pairs of unworn Naot shoes for $3 each. They both still had the price tags on at $200!

 Orange beads & orange & red bangles

 Blue & white Osti jacket found at Broadbeach Lifeline

 Trudie of My Vintage Childhood  gifted me a bag full of goodies the other day, it was all rather exciting, & I LOVE it all. She knows my tastes well, which isn't surprising when we like the same things. I've worn both frocks already.
Thank you Lovely for spoiling me!

A HUGE awesome Nana rug bag!
Isn't it a beauty!

 A blue & white Osti maxi dress

A tooled bag

 A handmade tape measure brooch
So clever!

 A gorgeous green scarf

And this Ivan Hamilton brown stripe cotton dress


  1. ERMAHGERD THAT CROCHETED BAG IS FANTASTIC!!!!! The blue and white maxi is GORGEOUS - can't wait to see you in it! Sarah xxx

  2. Ohhhh those orange bangles are lovely. We should be careful shopping together we could end up in a fight. Nahhhh seriously I think there's to much mutual love of vintage for us to do that. I'm so pleased you love all your bits and pieces, as much as love the blanket bag I know she has found her forever home, take care of her and photograph her often so I can see here. AND yes I agree with Sarah I look forward to pics with you in both of the frocks, again both with right person now.
    Love and vintage dreams my sweet. X

  3. What a haul! Love the crochet nana bag and also that maxi - its amazing! Love the striped frock too.

  4. I have said it before and I'll say it again - I can't wait to move to the Gold Coast and hit up those op-shops! The op-shops around here leave much to desire, but I'm sure they'll do for the next two months at least!
    You did so well with all of this - the tooled bag is to die for and so is the granny square one! Those are the kind of thing I'm always looking out for at op-shops!

  5. Hello lovely lady!!!! Oh oh I am the same as Sarah the crochet bag is AMAZING!!!! Just love it. But then I am in love with the leather bag and the blue maxi too!!!! You are going to look just gorgeous in that dress sweet.
    Sending much love and squirrels hugs. V

  6. Love the crochet bag - thinking of making some next year, so that has given me inspiration! The leather handbag is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Trudie's treats of that crochet bag and blue maxi are stupendous! Can't wait to see you rocking both! I used to think vintage fairs were expensive, some sellers are ridiculously greedy, but the ones I've been selling at are often cheaper than charity shops as most people don't want clothes in my size/style. xxx

  8. I love the blue and white maxi from Trudie, can't wait to see you rocking that one, Leisa! The crochet bag and striped dress are gorgeous too, and I love the orange bangles. It's a mixed bag in the UK with prices - some charity shops are still cheap, some are crazily expensive, more so than dedicated vintage sellers at the flea market I go to, and I still find I can pick up bargains on Ebay - just bought a couple of dresses for a quid! I just keep on looking, you never know what treasure you'll find! xxx

  9. Beautiful spoils, I love that maxi dress in particular! I'm very glad to have discovered your lovely blog :)

    I've recently started my own, do pop by and let me know what you think!


  10. Omgoodness! What lovely stuff you got from Trudie. I am totally in love with that crochet bag. It's fabulous.

  11. OMG I think I've got crochet fever after seeing that AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING bag!!! I love the bangles you picked up on the GC and I'm simply drooling like a drooling thing over the tape measure brooch. Today's a good day to wear the beautiful blue and white nylon Osti frock - sunny but no humidity - we don't get many days like that in Brisneyland during December do we? xoxo

  12. The beads and the bangles are fabulous. I do so love me some plastic. The petticoat will be perfect for adding a little bit of pouffiness to your dresses. The crochet bag is fantastic.

  13. I think Sarah is going to come round and try to nick that bag. I love the blue maxi and that eye bending stripey one. Love the scary robot face you made with the bangles and beads!!

  14. Oh my gosh, that Osti maxi is to die for! And the little Osti cardi must be the sister to my latest polka dot one haha. And I luuuurve that tooled bag lady, that's amazing. I'm hoping Santa brings me something similar... Tell me, will you think me a stalker if I send you stuff that I find, that may be to your tastes? I found a bag the other day in my local and thought of you, so I ummed and ahhed over it and then when I went back, it was gone...:( But I often think of things that you might love.....xx

    1. I know...how similar are our Osti cardi's?! Of course I won't think you're a stalker, who in their right mind would say no to blogger packages! It's funny how we know each others tastes even though we've never met. I sent your second package off yesterday. I do hope it doesn't take forever to arrive. Merry Christmas to you lovely Kel. Xx


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