Monday, 26 November 2012

Stuff from the Swich

Ipswich is about 40 minutes west of Brisbane. Brisbane Street in Ipswich has some lovely old buildings. It still has a big country town feel to it. There are quite a few new cafes including one hidden in a laneway called Bon Laneway Cafe. There is a gorgeous store called Cultiver with all sorts of up-cycled vintage & handmade goods. Unfortunately some of the op shops on the main street have closed, but there are still 4 good ones there, & a few a short drive away. 

Here are the things I found at the Swich op shops........

 Pretty old large tin with a tray style lid
East Ipswich Lifeline

Damascene bracelet with birds
Ipswich Vinnies

 Vintage turquoise bracelet
Ipswich Hospice Op Shop

Plus a Nana frock which will make it's debut on a coming Frock Friday.
Happy thrifting for the week ahead!


  1. Love the tin!!!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. oohh lovely finds love the tin its so pretty with the flowers on it and the blue bracelet is gorgeous. Will look forward to seeing your new dress. Have a lovely week, dee xx

  3. Sweet scores my dear. I look forward to seeing the frock. I'm heading out that way very soon, surly I can squeeze some hunting in between a family reunion.

  4. It's rare to find an old tin around here, nice find!

  5. Loving that turquoise bracelet and the tin is wonderfully bright! x

  6. Love those beautiful bracelets! You have an enviable jewellery collection, Leisa! xxx

  7. Seriously, you always seem to find the best tins and other containers. I love the bird bracelet.

  8. Love the tin too,you did well. Sorry to hear about your house goods dying, something like that happened to us over a few weeks,a microwave,vacuum cleaner and battery drill. Not the fun things you want to spend money on replacing.

  9. Ahh I keep missing your posts! Whenever I check your blog I find another 2 or 3 that I haven't already seen! We must be incompatible time-wise!

    LOVE that tin with the flowers..!


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