Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mumma Mia

I've said it before & I'll say it again, I am blessed to have an amazing Mum. She knows me so well, she's one of my best friends, & she enjoys op shopping almost as much as me. She often comes baring gifts from her op shop visits. She bought me these vintage sheets when she was traveling through some country towns around Tenterfield with Dad....

I think she still feels guilty about chucking out my childhood Holly Hobby sheets!

Mum grabbed these vintage sewing patterns & magazines for me at her craft group swap table....and has offered to sew them for me as well. Isn't she a gem!
I just need to relearn my home economics skills.

 LOVE the green one above

Some old mags.....

 Advert for Clarks shoes

 Frock envy...I LOVE them all!

Scary how kids were dressing in 1967!

 1975 Scholl footwear
Check out the GREEN ones!

 The 1975 Ford Escort

Back when persinware scales were new!

A wee Christmas deer.

Plus the Concise Crochet Book from the early 70's

How awesome are those kids outfits!
So funny!

A raunchy rocking chair pose

Thanks Mum!
I love you. Xx


  1. Your Mum is fabulous!!! I'm in love with that first sheet! I have the second one.. but in blue I think (I say I think, because I'm hoarding so many vintage sheets that they are all starting to blend into one in my memory! lol)
    I'm jealous of the New Idea toddler Pattern book... that's looks an awful lot like an Enid Gilchrest book.
    And.... Those "super dresses" from the advert are fantastic!
    You've scored well hun xo

  2. Oh my I'm going mental over those sheets and the kiddy pics. Totally cracking up at the ranching rocking chair pose. Your mum rocks. X

  3. Yah for mums - you should make up one of the patterns in the old sheets. It would be fabulous. I love the old crochet patterns - so hilarious.

  4. Love the sheets - what are you going to make with them? I agree with you about the green dress - it is gorgeous and the retro knitting patterns are a fabulous find.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. aahhh bestest mum ;-)) Love the sheets there so sweet and im also loving all those magazines i could get lost in an afternoon looking at all those. Enjoy, dee x

  6. Oh how good is your Mum, you've scored well!! I especially love the sheets.xx.

  7. Everything is so gorgeous! Some of those dress patterns are spectacular - I think my favourite is the white polka dot with the kaftany sleeves - and the crochet patterns are AMAZING! Sarah xxx

  8. Yay for an op shopping mum! Can't say mine has the same enthusiasm but she did do volunteer work at one over a decade ago and I was her best customer!!! he he. The sheets are spectacular and all those patterns *sigh* xox

  9. Always love the old retro ads...

  10. Those dress patterns are making me weep with envy! We all wore Dr Schols back in the 1970s but I don't remember any that fabulous! x

  11. Wow those sheets are so sweet! My Mom got rig of alot of my childhood stuff too. And I always remind her of it. *LOL*
    I have a feeling you are going to be very busy sewing. ;)

  12. *She got rid of alot of my stuff not *rig* =p

  13. Ahh, your lovely mum! Fabulous sheets, amazing patterns, and those ads are priceless. Off to learn to knit and/or crochet some clothes for my kids immediately! xxx

  14. Your Mum sounds like mine. Hooray for op shopping mothers! Those patterns are fabulous. You should definitely relearn your home economics skills so you can make them.

  15. OMG HOLLY HOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO lucky :) x

  16. Wow your Mum is REALLY good! She got some awesome stuff! My mum and I were really close, but although she appreciated my love of second-hand op-shopping, she certainly never wanted to accompany me!! She loved to see the loot when I got home though! I think she felt bad and sorry for the people flogging their previously treasured things off at sales etc.. bless her heart!
    LOVE the old mags and catalogues - so fun to read (and drool over!).. It's funny coz I recognise loads of those patterns, not only because I have some of them (Mum's old ones) but also because Mum made loads of those dresses for herself and I remember her in them!

    HOLLY Hobbie sheets are exquisite!

  17. Well she just wouldn't be your Mum if she didn't come home with all those goodies for you hehe. She definitely knows her lil girl! The sheets are gorgeous, the patterns are hot and the chrissy deer I hope has pride and place on your mantlepiece! xx

  18. You have a treasure of a mum,love this post,lovely finds.Funny crocheted kids clothing!


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