Friday, 9 November 2012

K-Road Frock Friday

Today I had my regular physio appointment in the city, & Mr P & I had a lovely lunch at a New Farm cafe. Today's frock was one that I purchased in my recent haul from K-Road in Auckland. I think it's probably from the 80's era, as it reminds me of the cotton frocks my Mum wore when I was a little girl. It cost me $8 from Retro Metro in St Kevin's Arcade, & it fits me.....just! I am so enjoying wearing my jewellery from Tam. I've been wearing the various pieces to death already! Plus it was my inaugural wearing of my Foster Grant sunglasses. They are SO pretty darling!!!!

Outfit Details......

80's Frock - Retro Metro K-Road
Button necklace & rosary beads - treasured Tam
Vintage Bangles - Garage sale
Sarah Coventry Ring - From my dear friend Chelle
Brooch - The sweetest Squirrel Miss V
Vintage bag - Christchurch op shop
Vintage shoes - Endos Paddington 
1950's Sunnies - Ebay
Cardi & belt - Retail

These are my new/old cut out leather shoes from Endos at Paddington.They might not do much for my cankles, but I like them!


  1. I really like that dress on you, and the little cardi with it. The sunnies were my favourite pick, they look great! Hope the appointment went well.

    Thank you for my parcel today. I love it all. India absolutely loves the fox! Tam x

  2. Look beautiful my sweet. I hope physio wasn't too painful.
    I was chuckle at your tastes in frocks, it's like we were separated at birth......and we're both mad for green.

    1. Damn auto correct.....that should read looking beautiful and I always chuckle.

  3. Cankles, LOL! You don't have them at all, what are you on about woman?!

  4. Yay that dress is really lovely! Yes I think early 80s.. although I really don't have a clue usually. You just know when something has a history - can feel it in the fabric I recon!! x

  5. Lookin good in your cotton frock. I love your navy bag and your sunnies too.
    My Mom had a dress in a design like that when I was a child. But I think it was black yellow and white.

  6. I love that graphic cotton frock and the brooch is stunning. What do you mean, cankles? You've got gorgeous legs. x

  7. Beautiful! I love your little blue vest as well, it compliments the dress perfectly. I'm off to krd today for a market... will have to go and have a peek at the vintage stores again (haven't been in so long). x

  8. I'm not so sure that frock isn't a little earlier, the print looks 70s to me... But I am no expert, just a guesser! Anyway, it doesn't matter what decade it's from, it's lovely and you look very svelte wearing it, with never a cankle in sight! Don't you just hate the way parts of women's bodies are given derogatory labels, just to encourage us to hate ourselves a little bit more? Don't fall for it, you are gorgeous!
    Have a lovely weekend, Leisa! xxxxx

  9. Jealous of the sunnies and the shoes. They're both amazing. Love the blue and green together. Everything here is fantastic xxx

  10. Lovely frock, gorgeous jewellery and I love that anodised lamp! Sarah xxx

  11. Those sunnies are perfection I am in love with them. I have been away from the blogosphere for a while now so I am hoping that you received the vintage postcards ok.

  12. Hehe, cankles, you silly thing, you don't have no cankles! But you do have a fabulous pair of shoes there!!! xx


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