Friday, 23 November 2012

Doreen Frock Friday

My hubby & I spent the day out at Ipswich. Even though I was born out west in Dalby, I can't remember ever spending time in the city of Ipswich. We had lunch at one of the new cafes in town, & checked out a couple of antique stores, & of course had a fossick in the op shops. It was a fun day, (can you say that about Ipswich??) although a bit too warm for my liking. I found a vintage house dress, two bracelets & an old tin for a total of $10 at 3 op shops.

When we got home Mr P went to the fridge & said the items inside weren't cold anymore. Turns out our fridge must have died last night (it is 18 years old so I guess it's no surprise!). So after getting home from Ipswich we had to go out & buy a fridge, which won't be delivered until Sunday. So our fridge contents are being stored in various eskys. Lets just hope the ice doesn't melt too soon. It's extra annoying because we've had so many things kark it in the last month.....2 guitar amps, 2 computers, our washing machine & now the fridge. I've heard things come in threes, but sixes is bordering on ridiculous!

Now back to Frock Friday.....

This is the cotton frock I bought at Nigel & Daphne on K-Road in Auckland. I love cotton house-dresses. The print & colour of this one makes me smile, & it reminds me of my Nana Doreen. My Nana always wore frocks around the house & when she went out. I only wish I had discovered my love for vintage before she died 14 years ago, I would have had so much fun raiding her wardrobe!

Outfit Details......

Vintage frock - Nigel & Daphne
Button necklace - Kellie Christie
Green brooch - Little Black Brooch
Button ring - Dolly Did It
Typewriter bracelet - from Mr P
Vintage bag - Thrifted
Belt & shoes - Retail
Sunglasses - Ray Bans


  1. I love house dresses too. I distinctly remember my gran and aunties in these. So nice. That's a beauty that you got there! I don't mind the synthetic ones either, although not so comfy in summer..

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the dresses, so much gorgeous green, I'm still in love with the balloon brooch xxx

  3. What a fabulous dress, the print is so groovy and you look gorgeous in it! x

  4. It's simply perfect, that frock!!!
    I swear you are the BESTEST accessoriser on the planet! I swoon over very detail!
    Things always happen in 3's for me.....the 6 is just a little over the top!Gah!

  5. Such cute quirky jewellery - I love the button necklace and your frock is so lovely and from one of my favourite places ;) I'm sorry to hear about the bad luck you've been having - lets hope this is the last of it xoxo

  6. You look gorgeous in this frock, especially with those accessories! Groovy, definitely.

  7. gorgeous dress. you mixed it perfectly with these cognac coloured leather accessoiries.


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