Friday, 16 November 2012

Dancing Queen Frock Friday

I bought this frock from Nelly's facebook page. It's a vintage cotton dress by David Jones. I love the print & the button shoulders. It's super cool & comfortable....just how I like my vintage summer frocks. Today we took Mr P's Mum out for the day. It was lovely but I really didn't appreciate the 33 degree heat! I think I'd rather be dancing up a storm in Christchurch with Charles, Camilla & Helga!

Trying out the Helgalicious cross-legged pose!


Outfit Details.......

Vintage frock - Nelly
Vintage bag - $2 Salvos
Owl necklace - Kellie Cristie
Bead ring - Queenstown NZ
Orange bangle - Great Aunt
Green bangle - thrifted
Enamel brooch - childhood
Vintage Seiko watch - garage sale
Shoes - Rubi


  1. Oh my goodness! That fabric is gorgeous :) I love the owl necklace too. I haven't popped in here much lately, hope you are feeling better now xo

  2. Love love love! The print and bright colours on your dress are just beautiful! As always, you have the most perfect accessories.
    Charles and Camilla who? There's only room for one royal in Christchurch, and that's our Queen Helga!
    Keep cool, and have a great weekend! xxxx

  3. I'm drooling over that gorgeous dress, I wish I'd seen it first, the print and shape are wonderful and you look gorgeous in it. Mind you, I'd need a thermal vest and a fake fur over the top of it, I wash we'd got half your 33 degrees! xxx

  4. Yep totally love it, totally love you, dress is super cute. Nothing beats a little button action on the shoulders. You could always funk up more with some vintage buttons. Hmmm I might even have some cool green buttons in my stash. I also love the owl necklace very cute. You're totally fabulous and rocking Helga's signature pose. X

  5. Such beautiful fabric! I love that wee owl necklace too - you always have the cutest accessories!

  6. such a lovely print! I love the big bold flowers and that bag is fab xxx

  7. Gorgeous print dress - it looks lovely!

    Here in the UK it's getting colder and colder - I brought out knee-high boots, a jumper and a fur coat.... can't imagine what 33 degrees feels like!

  8. Gorgeous dress, I love the colours xxxx

  9. Hahaha, you've spotted that I've worked out a signature pose!!!
    Well, one that I feel is flattering for me!!EEEK!
    Love LOVE this frock, darling, and you always accessorise like a Queen!
    Funnily enough, I was bopping around to that very song in my head on Friday!!! You're reading my mind, and that house next door could be yours.........!!!

  10. I am so slack not reading or blogging and here you are looking fab on that dress I am so glad you loved it and it loves you xx

    That is such a cute style.


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