Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Treasured Past Giveaway!

I thought you should know about lovely Tam's giveaway over at her blog A Treasured Past.
 There's only 3 days left to enter closing at midnight on the 25th of November.
The prize will include one new copy of the Homemade - Gorgeous things to make with love book and one stamp jewellery piece of your choice (made by Tam) and few little extras as well.  
You all know I'm a huge fan of Tam's gorgeous stamp jewellery.
Check out her giveaway here 
And see more of her stamp jewellery here.


  1. Giddyup I need stamp jewellery now!! xo

  2. Lovely jewellery! There is a woman in Sheffield who makes rings from old stamps and sells them at craft fairs, but Tam's pendants and bracelets look lovely too. xxx

  3. Aww..Thank you for the shout out, you are too kind :)x


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