Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tulle, Teacups & Turquoise

 Bag & A Beret

The Secondhand Years

Misfits Vintage

Helga von Trollop

For a bit of fun I decided to get in on the tutu/petticoat action, like the gorgeous MelanieCurtise, Sarah MisfitHelga. Their photos were so beautiful & inspiring,  so I took on Sarah's challenge to rock some tulle, a teacup, but minus the step I'm afraid.  When else will I wear tulle in public?....well in my courtyard anyway.

I'm afraid I cut my own head off....a casualty of self-timer shots.

Have I slipped into the abyss of twee? 

Outfit Details.....
Green petticoat - Salvos
Jacket, top, tights & ballet flats - Retail
Beads - Thrifted
1950's Sunglasses - Ebay
Vintage teacup - Antique shop

And here are a couple more bloggers who joined in the fun.....

My local pal Desiree

And Clare from the UK

Now onto some recent finds.....
I do have a lot of green accessories, but I must admit to a shortage of blue ones. Well that's how I justify yet another accessory purchase anyway! I found a few blue pieces on my first visit to a new vintage store called Vintage Treasures. It's basically a shop set up kind of like a garage, & they sell things at garage sale prices. They sell some furniture, books, lamps, tools, nick-nacs & limited clothing & accessories.

 The bracelet is missing a few stones but I don't mind, especially when it only cost me a few dollars.

 Brooches were all $3 which is pretty cheap.

This is a pendant/brooch, & it's marked sterling silver too....$3


  1. I always envy the little tulle skirts made for girls! I'm loving your tulle, tulle away, I say!

  2. YAY! One more fabularse tutu/teacup combo! I love the blue sparkly brooch - THREE BUCKS!!! Gorgeous :) Sarah xxx

  3. Woohoo you're on a roll baby!!!! You look utterly gorgeous!!!! Twee? NEVER!! Of COURSE your skirt is green - duh! *smacks forehead* - also my favourite colour in the world:))). The plate and knife are the perfect way to show off your new jewels - they look good enough to eat! xo

  4. Not twee at all, Leisa, I love the green petticoat! Ooh, wouldn't it be great to get everyone together for a blogger day out, dress code = tulle!
    Your blue/turquoise jewellery finds are spectacular, love the bracelet and the pendant. Bargains too, even better! xxx

  5. Soooooooooooooooooo wonderful, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I must join you as soon as i find myself s tutu skirt.

  6. I knew that petticoat was too fabulous to keep covered up! You look gorgeous! Loving the jewellery especially the turquoise (no surprise there, I hear you say!).
    You can have a tour (and stay for free) if you ever come over to the UK! xxx

  7. ooohhh, I love your green petticoat..its gorgeous and so you! I also love your glittery blue jewellery, what a fantastic price too.

  8. you look gorgeous in the tulle...a really beautiful photo of you..especially love the second one and as always love seeing your latest finds xo

  9. I'm loving all these petticoat and teacup pics, I really need to acquire a petticoat. Of course a green one would be delightful.

  10. Love that your pettitcoat is green!!! Must go check out that shop one day, sounds interesting.xx.

  11. That jewelry is sweet! And that knife is nice.

  12. I hear the neighbours: "Honey, there's a goddess in the garden!" You look gorgeous in this green confection! I love your contemplative gaze and the teacup. What is it about tulle or the like that brings this out in us? Isn't it dreamy? I'd like to see you do some pirouettes in that beautiful petticoat. Your new jewellery is beautiful.

  13. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (internal, I'm at work)
    I don't know if Sarah realises yet that her challenge is going viral!!!
    Darling,there's NOTHING twee here! I think you've picked up my Cyndi Lauper vibe,and you're running away with it! Just gorgeous!And what fun! Clearly we need to do this sort of thing more often!
    O,I am squeeing gently out loud now over your new pretty bling! The brooch especially rocks my world!
    Eeep,I've missed a few posts due to drunkeness and slackness...gotta go catch UP!

  14. Not twee at all - more thoughtful! ooh look and all that lovely turquoise, that bracelet is a real find xxx

  15. Twee????? Never! You rock. I have been searching for a petticoat...high and low. You and the other fantastic bloggers are inspiring.

  16. We can always rely on you to come up with a fabularse green version!!! And what a beauty it is! Certainly NOT twee! Love all these tulle and tea cup posts. Wish i had a tulle petticoat in my cupboard. Your jewellery finds are rather beautiful too - go girl xox

  17. Loving the pics of you in your fab green Tulle. And am LOVING that gorgeous bracelet..actually love all the jewels. C xx

  18. Love that you carried on with the tulle! It looks fabulous! How can we not get swept away in all the tulle??


  19. I've joined in "The Tutu and a Teacup Challenge". Maybe you want to see my version in black and violet. It's on my blog. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a nice week.

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  21. I love it! And Crazy Raven just did her delicious turn of the tulle. What a great meme- each of these ladies are so amazing to me.


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