Friday, 5 October 2012

Surprises & A Purple Frock Friday

The gorgeous Hannah of Boo Love Vintage sent me a wee gift from the Two Squirrels garage sale held a while back in New Zealand. It's a pin cushion pair of birds, used to store hat pins. It's kind of funny because I saw one just like it in the mega vintage store in Mayfield, & I thought about buying it as I'd never seen one before. Just as well I didn't. Thank you Miss Hannah....I love it!

One might assume I would have avoided the op shops since our return home from holidays. That was my intention, but I couldn't follow through on it as the lure was far too strong. There just might be some great stuff in stock after a few weeks absence!
I bought this frock from my local Salvos. It's a shift dress in a textured cotton, & it has a cute double button detailing down the front. Now the heat has returned here in Brisbane, I am always on the look out for vintage cotton frocks that won't stick & cling to my butt in the humidity. I have never worn purple before, so it's another first for me.

Outfit Details........

Vintage frock - Salvos
Vintage bag - Christchurch op shop
Vintage bracelet - Vinnies at Paddington
(Lost & then found again thanks to Remember When!)
Button ring - Eumundi Markets
Vintage beads - thrifted 
Belt, cardi, sunnies & shoes - Retail


  1. You're looking lovely my sweet. Have you had your hair done?
    The dress s fab, I love wearing purple.

    1. Thanks hair was just extra curly & boofy after going to the Lady Antebellum concert the night before. My hubby said it looked a bit too bee-hive....Lol!

  2. Of course I LOVE the purple dress. .not that I am a purple freak or anything. ;). Love those two colours together. Purple and green. just great.
    Looking good hon. C xx

  3. Oh my, oh my yes to vintage cotton summer frocks - they're as rare as hen's teeth and just imagine if you HADN'T gone out op-shopping? You would have missed out on THE frock to beat all frocks!!! xoxoxox

  4. Oh the bird hat pin thingy is lovely. Never knew there was such a thing. I love the dress and the cardie goes great with it. Xx

  5. Desiree's right - you HAVE to check the op shops, you never know what you might miss! Love the frock, I can't believe you haven't worn purple before. First red, now purple, next step is to wear them together, though purple/green is a great combo - suffragette colours!
    Love the birdie hat pin cushion, how sweet. xxxx

  6. Great outfit - love the green cardi!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Ooh I love this gorgeous frock - the little yellow details are the perfect finish! And I adore the beautiful birds. Happy weekend! Sarah xxx

  8. That purple frock rocks and looks brilliant with the green accessories! Drooling over that fantastic button ring! x

  9. I agree with Vix, the purple dress is spectacular with green - what a great combination. Jealous of the heat - although there rumours it was 17 degrees in Dunedin today!! How lovely to get a special gift of a little pair of birds pincushion, that is just cuteness x 100!!

  10. the purple is great - why haven't you worn it before? Buy more purple and wear it with green!!

  11. I LOVE this purple frock, the fabric is amazing! Thank you so much for the parcel of joy/giveaway prize. Everything is perfect in more ways than one! I will blog about it real soon - promise! Absolutely Dee-lighted!

  12. oh I can see that both of these are right up your alley!! purple frock is gorgeous!!!

  13. So glad you like the wee birdies :) And super glad you didn't get the birdies at Mayfield! Love that shade of purple on you too xxxxx

  14. Ooo,lovely new frock,and I adore purple and green together!

  15. Purple suits you lady!! It goes with the requisite green too!! xx


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