Sunday, 7 October 2012

One Last Holiday Post......Auckland....Pics & More Purchases

Here's a few pics of our time in Auckland where we stayed with my hubby's sister & husband & our gorgeous nephew.

Taking in the views from Mount Eden

The owners of Upstairs Antiques in Queens Arcade are just lovely. They have some gorgeous jewellery among other things.

Vulcan Lane in the reminds me a lot of Melbourne.

Smoove in Little High Street re-work vintage frocks

Tango vintage store in Little High Street

Remains to Be Scene is a vintage shop in Hamilton. I was impressed with the layout & the prices.

My sister-in-law who lives in Auckland 

I bought this vintage frock from the Gateway Op Shop in Hamilton

I've been wanting a cotton petticoat for will come in handy during Brisbane's sticky summer.

A zip front maxi dress with birds on it from an Onehunga op shop

Green beads both from an Onehunga op shop

A retail purchase....necklace from Max

Vintage navy handbag

Vintage brooch/pendant from Remains to Be Scene in Hamilton

Red ring from Lippy

One of my favourite finds was this set of kitschy deers from the Hospice op shop in Hamilton for $2. Love the creepy eyes of the babies!

Retro salt & pepper shakers from ReStore in Hamilton.....Next time we will have to go op shopping together Op Shop Mama......I need your Hamilton insider tips!


  1. Awww...Hamilton - its where Rich and I went to uni, but we haven't been back for literally years and were talking today about how we need to visit again! Our friends used to have a house around the corner from "Remains to be Scene".

  2. The pictures look amazing. I just have one question, where are all the people???

    The dresses are really pretty. The deer remind me of a little set I had as a kid. It was plastic, I think its around here somewhere?????

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Tam x

    1. Now you say it, it does look awfully deserted in all of the photos! Especially when you think we were in the centre of Auckland city!

  3. My Grandma used to have a set of those deer in her china cabinet when I was a kid! I used to love those creepy little figurines!

  4. What lovely scenery, I always enjoy seeing where others live.
    You have some fab finds there, I love the petti.

  5. What beautiful blue skies! And so many interesting retro/vintage emporia to explore too.
    Love what you bought, such pretty prints on the frocks, and the deer family and shaker set are fabulous. xxx

  6. OMG I used to have a set of three deer with chains rather like that when I was a kid, have never yet come across any! Reworking vintage, and a whole shop full of it?! Wonder what you think but for me that is disgusting and horrendous, vintage should be kept pristine!!! but then I'm a bloody snob, what can I say?!

    1. I must say when I saw the racks of re-worked frocks, all looking exactly the same with short hemlines & gathered waists, I thought it was a shame to spoil the gorgeous prints by making them all look so generic. I can see there's a market for it, but I wouldn't buy it....especially not for $80 a frock!!!

  7. Those antique/vintage shops look fabulous. I must visit Auckland again soon. I haven't been since I was in high school. That cotton petticoat is so sweet. I love all the jewellery you got too.

  8. Oh my goodness, Auckland looks like it was so much fun. Fabulous op shops too. I confess I have never been to Auckland or Hamilton. I think the Bambi and babies chained together is awesome, and agree that the eyes are a little creepy. Looks like a lot of your followers have the same taste as you and me!! Auckland must have been extra quiet the days you were there, I thought it was jam-packed with people.

  9. Amazing pics and great purchases ! Ohh i would love to get one of that vintage frocks they look amazing ! XX Tani

  10. How cool that you visited the very shop I work at on Mondays!! The most amazing place to work at and such fun.

  11. I haven't been to Auckland in YEARS!!! I love Queens Arcade!
    Those salt and pepper shakers are TO DIE FOR! Love 'em!!

  12. Beautiful photos and beautiful finds Leisa :) I was actually just reading another post ( she found the same deer/bambi figurine but it was like a clear yellow/orange glass colour! Too cute! xx


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