Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Happy Place...K-Road

My favourite place in Auckland would have to be Karangahape Road.....or K-Road as it's called. K-Road is was once the seedy part of town, but it has a wonderful vintage vibe to it, with a good selection of vintage shops & groovy cafes. I love the atmosphere & the reasonable prices. There is no where in Brisbane with so many vintage stores in the one area, so I always go a bit crazy when I see the vintage that's on offer. Saint Kevin's Arcade certainly didn't disappoint.

I bought a gorgeous green frock at Nigel & Daphne

Aunty Mavis is a funky vintage shop

Vintage Vixen must have been named after our world renowned Vix

It has a great selection of mens vintage as well as ladies & cowboy boots.

This 3 dimensional Alsatian dog T-shirt reminded us of something Napoleon Dynamite wore (and no Mr P didn't buy that one!)

We love to lunch at Alleluya Cafe....the lattes are to die for!

Search & Destroy vintage has nothing priced over $10. I always seem to find something there.

I fell in LOVE with these handmade green shoes by Minnie Cooper. They felt SO good, & were on sale for $200, but that's a tad steep for me.

And here are my purchases......

I think this one's my favourite....green cotton house dress. I love the print & the pockets.
Nigel & Daphne

Cotton frock with collar
Metro Retro

1980's cotton sundress with matching belt, just like the sort my Mum wore when I was a little girl.
Metro Retro

 This sweet navy & red frock was $5...I love the Freddy Allen tag & the red bow.
Search & Destroy

Cotton house smock dress....I fell for the retro fabric
Metro Retro

A groovy winter frock
Search & Destroy

I suspect this dress may be from the 1950's?? The details are gorgeous....sparkly buttons, guipure lace, matching belt. It cost me $10
The Op Shop

Navy jacket from Metro Retro $5 Made by Barbara Val of Wellington NZ
Metro Retro


  1. You are such a good girl when it comes to sticking to the budget, good on you. This haul should keep you happy for a while, it would me!!

  2. What beautiful bargains! And what neat shopping centre! I'm in love with the colours of the last dress so much and I adore that jacket. The shoes are definitely gorgeous but they'd be too steep for me too.

  3. Fabulous finds - looks like a great place!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. I want to go to Vixen! That orange dress in the window is so fabulous I want to jump on a plane right now! Love your green coat adn those hideously expensive shoes. Those dog tee shirts are what all the hipsters are after, they go for mental money in Urban Outfitters vintage dept!
    Your choose some gorgeous swag especially that psychedelic house dress, it's a stunner! x

  5. OH MY!! Those stores all look so AWESOME. I can totally see why you love the place.
    You brought home some really great things.
    My jaw dropped at those green shoes. They are WONDEROUS!

  6. Oh My god those dresses are gorgeous what a fab place to shop ;-) Looks like some amazing vintage. Im loving all your dresses but the 80's summer dress and the black and white one with the little red bow are gorgeous. And you will look stunning in them all. dee xx

  7. I love them all, Leisa, what gorgeous frocks you bought! The Freddy Allen, the green house dress, and the 50s dress are wonderful. How fabulous to have such a huge choice of shops, I wanna go too! xxxx

  8. Omg, that 1950s dress is heavenly! What an amaaaaaaazing find. If you ever want to get rid of it I am always up for a swap ;)

  9. So many great finds! I LOVE St. Kelvins Arcade, we always go there when we visit Auckland.

    BTW - my friend Steven said that K Road is the part of Auckland which is most like Wellington - so clearly you need to visit me on your next NZ trip :D

  10. OMG I'M IN HEAVEN!!! that arcade looks amazing! I love the beautiful headlight glass and of course ALL THE FAB VINTAGE! The orange shopping basket id FABULARSE. And as for your new old frocks, well I can barely type for ENVY! That navy check with the red bow is making me WEEP WITH JOY! And the green housedress with the pockets is SO YOU! The green shoes are quite divine but that's too steep for me too! PLEASE WEAR THE GREEN HOUSEDRESS FOR US - AND SEND ME THE NAVY CHECK ONE - I'll uh, take care of it for you!!! Sarah xxx

  11. Wow! What a haul! That strip looks amazing! First of all nothing over $10 for vintage at one store?? Second of all that hot floral jumpsuit in the window of Vixen! Third of all your Metro Retro 80's sundress is to die for and fourth of all your $10 op shop dress from the 50's is beautiful! Kel x ps and finally fifth of all you made me want to eat some cake when you had a much deserved rest at Alleluya Cafe!


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