Friday, 19 October 2012

Mayfield Maxi Frock Friday

I hardly ever wear skirts. I think it's because I don't find them as comfy as a frock, & with my pudgy tummy I have to watch how I wear them or I can look too thick around the middle. My maxi skirt from Mayfield had it's first outing today. It's a cool seersucker fabric, reminiscent of a table cloth, which suited a 30 degree day in Brissy. I must admit I've had a rather ordinary week. A medication change has not agreed with my heart condition, & I'm having trouble staying upright for long. I just hope it stabilizes soon because having a body that wants to pass out when upright is not so much fun, & I can't thrift lying down (well except for Ebay of course!). But I can still get frocked up! I'll have an exciting day visiting my specialist in the city tomorrow. He must be the only doctor who works at the weekend...just as well he's worth it.

Quick take that photo before I expire!

Outfit Details......

Vintage skirt - Mayfield Overflow NZ
Green beads - thrifted
Button ring - Dolly Did It at Eumundi Markets
Orange bangle - Great Aunts
Beaded bag -Salvos
Brooch, top, vest & shoes - Retail


  1. jingoes that sounds unpleasant - hope it gets sorted soon.. That skirt looks fab. You'd never know you're unwell.. looking great!

  2. O,sweetie, I am literally in the middle of a post, and was wearing the gorgeous earrings you gave me today, and lo and BEHOLD you posted!
    I adore that maxi and am more than a little obsessed with that BAG!
    But also concerned about your medication change... but I expect it's been changed for the best and you just have some adjustments to make.Not greta to feel barely able to be upright! I hope you are able to call your GP or specialist to check that all is as it should be?Yay you will ahve gorgeous hubby home from work soon to keep an eye on you too.
    You look remarkably cool and foxy despite....!!! AMAZING!
    It's that good old Aussie battler thang!I like that!

  3. I love the pattern on that frock - you look fab in a skirt! I am sorry to hear you're feeling unwell, I really hope the doctors will be able to help you out and get you back on the right track xoxo

  4. Ooooh I love seersucker! The skirt is gorgeous and so are you! Hope you get your meds sorted soon, lovely. Big hugs, Sarah xxx

  5. On sweetie a yucky week is no good. You are such an inspiration though keeping a gorgeous smile through the ups and downs with your health. I hope your thrift finding form returns quickly.

    Now the skirt, loving it of course with little flashes of florals in fav colours.
    And as for that bag, ummm hey look over there I just saw something shiny.......nooooo I have no idea where your bag got to.

    Take care honey. X

  6. Wear skirts, wear skirts, you look gorgeous, Leisa!
    I used to feel all self-conscious about my less-than-washboard belly, but then thought, bugger it, it's not so bad, and dared to tuck in! Try it, you might surprise yourself!
    Anyway, I adore your skirt, wonderful print, and with the gorgeous beaded bag and all your lovely green bits'n'bobs, you look amazing, especially given that you are about to keel over!
    Hope the meds get sorted, I know how dreadful it is to feel faint and wobbly. I worry, so please let us know how you get on. Need you well and upright and beautiful! xxxxx

  7. Sorry to hear that you're not well :( Hope you can get it sorted out soon.
    That skirt would be nice and light being seersucker wouldn't it? Also... LOVE the bag... so cute :)
    Take care hun & chat soon xx

  8. Oh my I am so in love with your skirt and bag......they are amazing pieces......

  9. Get thee to a Doctor's, I don't like the sound of that at all.
    I love that skirt and you in it. You totally should wear skirts, you look lovely. I had that bag and sold it on ebay, why? I'm so stupid sometimes! xxx

  10. My goodness, if you have a pudgy tummy, then I am the queen of England! You are gorgeous! I hope you are feeling better, I really feel for you. I am sure the QLD heat does you no favours.

    I must get your address, I may be able to send something so that you do not have withdrawals while you are taking care of yourself. Tam x

  11. Oh, I am just catching up on reading and I am so sorry to read that you are not feeling well :-( I hope that you can get your meds changed - it must be awful feeling faint, and the heat won't help. How you manage to look so fabulous, cool calm and collected in your photos amazes me. I love the green accessories! Please take care of yourself - sending cooling Dunedin weather vibes your way xx

  12. oh gee I hope the specialist visit has improved things for you, although I bet todays weather didn't help. You look lovely in the skirt, I agree with everyone else, you should wear them WAY more!!

  13. Good lord! I reckon my mother had that print in a tablecloth in the early 70s! Actually, if I dig around in her linen cupboard, I will probably find it! I've only recently found your blog and an enjoying it very much. And I know you are feeling slightly better as I have already read your previous posts :) You look fabulous and appropriately dressed for the heat.


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