Friday, 12 October 2012

Heidi Frock Friday

Today's 1970's frock is another special from Retro Metro at Paddington that I wore for the first time today. Thankfully a cool change came through Brisbane so I could pull out a cardigan again. It's funny how slightly cooler weather makes headline news here in Queensland, like it's a strange phenomena. Mr P & I went to the Gabba Antique Centre before my physio appointment, & then onto the Paddington Antique Centre for a vintage fix. I took my latest beaded bag on it's first outing too. 


Outfit Details.......

Vintage frock - $5 from Retro Metro
Vintage bag - $2 Salvos
Vintage beads - $1 Vinnies
Turquoise ring - Endos
Bird brooch  - Sweet Caroline at Things I Do
Cameo brooch - Thrifted
Vintage bracelet - Vintage Treasures
Vintage Seiko watch - Garage sale
Belt, boots, cardigan - Retail


  1. This is a divine dress and I love how you have accessorized it! As you illustrate so well, every woman needs a tangerine cardigan. Your prize is splendid!

  2. Absolutely love the dress - the colours are amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. You always look so put together! Love the dress, and the little bird brooch is adorable!

  4. I love that pineapple print chair!! The whole shop looks great. You look fab, what a great dress - but no green?! I love the peachy cardi too xx

  5. Look at you pretty lady in your pretty frock. I hope you had a fab time at the WAC & PAC. I do love the birdie brooch, but I am a little biased as you know. Funny I was wearing some Caroline created earrings today for the first time.

  6. Awesome colour combo Leisa!! You're looking healthy and relaxed, YAY!!

  7. You look fab in your Heidi frock, Leisa, you always have the most gorgeous accessories. I am coming over there to STEAL that beaded bag!
    I see I will have to fight Clare for the pineapple chair (my money's on her, bet she fights dirty, that one!)
    Congrats on your prize, lovely win.
    Have a great weekend! xxxx

  8. Wow, what a fab dress and what amazing backdrops. I so want to visit that shop!

  9. Love how your cardi coordinates with that zingy stool and drooling over that pineapple club chair! You look fab, well done on your win! xxx

  10. Congrats on winning a wee giveaway - what a lovely prize!

    I love that frock too and only $5? Wow - that IS fabulous!

  11. Love that frock, ADOOORE the bird brooch and congrats on winning the giveaway! These pics remind me so much of when I lived in Paddington and Bardon and spent many many days at the great book shop (can't remember what it was called) and trawling through the vintage/op/antique shops. Sarah xxx

  12. The beaded bag is GORGEOUS!

  13. Oh the glory of the cardi - how I adore cardigans over gorgeous vintage frocks - you look utterly splendiferous and I just know you would have made the physio's day!!!
    I love all your beautiful brooches and beads, while your frock is simply glorious:)
    Get thee arse to Wynnum Markets - there's a local artist who makes chairs like these (maybe it's the same person?) and recently they had a Miss Marple-style chair (I know, I just made that up) upholstered in incredibly bright African fabric in pinks - sweet jaysus!!! xoxoxo

  14. Oh you sweet lady - well it's nothing but congratulations on the win, I couldn't have hoped for a better winner. I'm so glad you entered! Enjoy the vintage caffeine fix lovely xoxoxoxoxo


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