Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Treasured Parcel

I received a wonderful box of goodies this week from the lovely Tam of A Treasured Past.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapping each parcel, & I was blown away by her kindness. I LOVE every single's funny that someone could know my tastes so well when we've never met in the flesh. I was so excited to have a couple of Tam's handmade creations too. She makes the most beautiful jewellery with vintage stamps, & she gave me some gorgeous handmade hair clips, & a green button necklace. 
You can check out her jewellery range on Tam's blog & also on her facebook page. Tam has an amazing collection of vintage treasures. I love reading her blog & seeing glimpses of her home & the interesting things she finds.

A funky retro owl for my kitchen

An old herb cannister

A vintage touristy napkin ring

Bird notebook & gift tag

Some pretty pages from an old book

A sweet deer children's book

A divine framed ballet dancer needlepoint which is now in our bedroom

Funky green first pinny style one

Green fabric bag which is a super handy size

A chunky goldtone bracelet.

A wee plastic deer to add to my collection. It belonged to Tam when she was a little girl. How special is that!

Beads, beads & more beads.....Yes please!!!

LOVE the green choker beads, rosary beads & white bangles

Thank you so much Tam for brightening my day. It means the world to me. Xx


  1. Oh my what sweetness, so many things to ohhhh and ahhhh over.
    You have to know I'm going to say you need to wear that apron out in public. The bag is sweet, the deers gorgeous and I adore the green rosaries.
    You're a very lucky lady.

  2. What an awesome gift parcel! I can imagine how fun it was discovering each new item inside, each one is so unique and lovely. Tam, you're so cool. Thanks for showing us.

  3. Bless tam....what a lovely array of so deserve some spoiling after such a tough time with your health recently. she has got great taste...enjoy it all precious girl xo

  4. Aww...what an awesome haul! So many cute things - I love the retro owl (that's basically the rules at our house) and the beautiful needlepoint. I always feel sad when I see completed needlecraft projects at the op shop. Knowing how much time they do take, it seems so sad when they are unloved:( I am so glad this one now has a loving home, its beautiful!

  5. It is my pleasure! It's nice to be able to pass on a few things to you, I have more than enough. Thank you for the lovely words and the links back, Take care, Tam x

  6. What a wonderful parcel of joy! I love the handmade jewellery, the gate bracelet and the black and white badger and owl illustration especially. x

  7. Ahhh what a wonderful load of goodies and what a lovely lady to send them all to you. Love the little book so cute and the cloves canitser and the owl what lovely words on him. Enjoy all your lovely things, dee x

  8. What gorgeous gifts from Tam, perfect for you - don't you just love bloggy friends get your taste just right?
    The jewellery and the needlepoint and the book and the pinny are wonderful. xxx

  9. EGAD it's Aladdin's Cave at your place!!!!! I adore the framed ballerina, pinny and bag - green and gorgeous! What a darling woman to send you such glorious, thoughtful and beautiful booty:)) xo

  10. Aww, noice!!! I think this woman knows you too well! But I want to see a pic in the apron please, slaving over a hot stove, LOL!!

  11. holy cannoli what a fabulous gift!!
    So many divine items I am sure your heart was pitter pattering a little faster with each item.

  12. My God! You've been totally spoilt - nothing wrong in that! I love the bird illustration, it looks like my garden in the winter. The deer book is just too sweet. Tam is really so lovely and great at making jewellery! xxx

  13. Wow - what a fantastic parcel! I just love everything, especially the fab pinny, the lovely jewellery bits n pieces, the ballerina needlepoint and the kitchen owl makes me GREEN with envy!!! Sarah xxx

  14. Holy moly you got spoiled! Talk about sending you some fab stuff!! That owl is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. You lucky gal!! xx


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