Monday, 24 September 2012

Slice of Heaven

Queenstown....I just can't get enough of that place. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen...not that I've traveled very extensively! This was our 5th time there, & we stayed in a private holiday home in Fernhill for 5 nights, which works out cheaper then a motel. We drove from Dunedin to Roxburgh, & we waited 45 minutes for my favourite Rox op shop to open. I must remember they only open at 1pm next time. I was really tempted to buy a vintage shadow box for $2, but Mr P made me see sense that bringing a wall hanging home in my suitcase wasn't going to be so practical. Then we dropped into the two op shops at Alexandra, before making our way to Queenstown. And in case you're we don't ski. I wouldn't attempt such vigorous activity with my health issues (op shopping is about as vigorous as it gets!). But there is always plenty to keep us occupied without hitting the slopes.

 We stopped in the cute town of Lawrence.

We always stop at Jimmy's Pies for lunch when passing through Roxburgh.

 Our Queenstown abode, & yes it's cheaper then a motel....Hurrah!

 I could look at that view all day.

It's the first time I've worn jeans in a year, I must say I didn't really enjoy the sensation. I wont be in a hurry to wear them again!

We went to Glenorchy for a coffee & some photos.

 Mr P got this sneaky pic of my exit from Salvos. It's the only op shop in Queenstown, & it doesn't seem to stock any vintage, but there are lots of designer brands & quality clothing.

 We came across this gorgeous vintage Austin car, just like the Two Squirrels Daisy-Boo! We named this beauty Daisy-Blue, Boo's long lost cousin. Isn't she pretty??

I won a K-Jetboat ride....looking like an Eskimo!

After almost a week in Queenstown, we traveled to Mt Cook & then onto Fairlie, Oamaru & Timaru.

On the Crown Range overlooking Queenstown

 Mr P at Wanaka

The Oamarama antique shop

We spent a night at Mt Cook, which is New Zealand's highest peak at 3754 metres

The Hermitage Hotel at Mt Cook

Above is beautiful Mt Cook

We spent a night at 'Possum Cottage' on a farm in the hills of Fairlie

A retro cottage filled with Nana style decor

We visited Oamaru for the first time. It has some gorgeous historical buildings, & a steampunk museum. Some of the locals dress up in vintage costumes. We visited most of the op shops in town. I was rather disappointed that the owners of Retro Funk were away, so I missed seeing it this time.

 Steampunk HQ....fab building

Purchases along the way.....

A creepy looking budgie & a black vintage frock from Salvos in Oamaru

 A vintage enamel brooch from Salvos Queenstown

Some handmade wire & bead rings from Queenstown.


  1. Oh what beautiful places, slices of heaven indeed! Great photos. I think I remember that steam punk museum with the train from Helga posting about it ages back.
    It's a little disconcerting seeing you in jeans and not a frock, Leisa! Though you look great, it isn't a criticism, I am just so used to admiring your fab frock collection!
    Love that brooch, and looking forward to seeing you frocked up again! xxxx

  2. Yah! Such a beautiful part of the country. Queenstown just takes my breath away, its such a beautiful place. I'm no skier either, but I love visiting there. Also Oamaru is such a fun town. Did you have a chance to see the little blue penguins?

  3. Oh how i hope to holiday in NZ sometime in the next few years, it always looks so beautiful and I only hear the most wonderful stories. You really look like you had a most wonderful time.

    It's nice having you back am I'm enjoying reading all about your trip and finds. X

  4. Wow - what stunning views! Found it very interesting to hear all those Scottish place names like Roxburgh and Fairlie. The steampunk place looks fab.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. You two sure know your way around the South Island!!! Totally love that lime? green jacket you are wearing over your jeans in Glenorchy, Daisy-blue sure is a cutie - we had a hot pink one growing up in the 70's! That kitchen is groovy in "Possum Cottage", and your scenic photos are to die for! Lovin Steampunk HQ and all your op shopped treasures! Well done x

  6. I want to visit steampunk HQ!! The scenery is gorgeous and I love the look of Possom Cottage - so cosy!

  7. It looks beautiful there - I loved your choice of accommodations!

  8. Wow! I'm very jealous of all the wonders that you may enjoy these pictures are great and show that you had a very fun trip with good treasures to take home. Wonderful!

  9. Oh WOW, your holiday was fantastic - a great mix of wonderful scenery and places, and fabulous vintage/op / antique shops. Oh, and the the cottage is just so cute.

  10. Wow,you kids covered some miles! It really is a beautiful country,and you're showing some of the best sights!
    Oamaru is a fave place of mine.Haven't been down Queenstown way for a loooong time! I hope you didn't strip the opshops of all their goodies!

  11. Down around Queenstown is gorgeous. The brooch and rings are gorgeous. I love that when you go on holiday you go to all the op shops. I do that too. Going to new op shops is one of the best things about going away.

  12. Wow you've taken some amazing pics, I can't wait to see NZ one day when VB is older. Love your phrase 'nana decor'!!!

  13. More fab photos Leisa, love them and they make me a teeny bit jealous haha. I know what you mean about putting jeans on, I'm in them now and they just don't feel right these days - I'm much more at home wearing something floaty, vintagey, op shoppy heehee! xx

  14. Here I was feeling a little homesick and you blog all these beautiful familiar places. Looks like a wonderful trip.

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