Thursday, 27 September 2012

Out of Ashes

 Christchurch was such a beautiful city before the February 2011 earthquake. It is quite a shock to see the damage & demolition throughout the city centre, & it is heartbreaking that so many historic buildings have been reduced to rubble. We still enjoyed our few days in Christchurch, even if it's not quite the same as it once was, it's still got something special. We went to the ReStart Mall, but we mostly spent our time exploring the suburbs & any thrift shops I laid my eyes on. I must say my favourite op shop was the Addington Salvos.

We stayed in a 1960's cottage in Riccarton.

We visited a few vintage shops including the Ferry Antique Centre & Foragers. We were hoping to meet Miss Vanessa of Two Squirrels while we were on the South Island, but our paths didn't cross this time as they had just begun their road trip. Vanessa left a little package of treasures for me at Foragers. Isn't she the sweetest????!! Thank you darling Miss V!

A handmade fabric bag
Handmade brooch....with the cutest wee bird
Vintage beads....GREEN of course!

Ferry Antiques & Foragers

The city centre & re-start mall area below

I was overwhelmed with sadness when I saw what remains of the Two Squirrels old shop Tete-a-Tete Vintage. This wee building was built in 1860 & is one of the oldest in Christchurch. There are plans for it to be removed & hopefully restored once again. It was so eery seeing the signs of Vanessa & Warren's beloved business, & glimpses of things that remain trapped inside. I'm grateful to have sweet memories of that beautiful store.



  1. Oh it's so sad. That beautiful building. No wonder the poor squirrels have been so affected. I've never been to Christchurch but I can't wait to go see Helga and G-Star and explore this beautiful place. Thanks for the lovely post. Sarah xxx

  2. I am feeling really sad seeing Vanessa and Warren's little shop, still with the sign up and things inside, what a terrible shame. How sweet is Miss V to leave you a pressie?
    Where you stayed looks lovely. Right, I've decided. Blogger get-together in Christchurch, party at Helga and G's! Wouldn't that be something?! xxx

  3. What a pretty building, so sad to see it all trashed. Sign me up for the get-together! Wouldn't that be fun? I've got a passport and I know how to use it.

  4. Yeah,party at ours!
    It is GUTWRENCHING,what has happened to our city.I just try and put it out of my mind and look forward, but then I come across a hole where some building I loved was,and I remember all over again.....can't change it though,just gotta carry on.
    Love the cottage you stayed in

  5. You find the cutest places to stay - seriously.

    Christchurch was a truly beautiful city, I've only visited a few times, but when I saw the imagines of the cathedral spire falling down I had a pretty big lump in my throat.

    But there are still fabulous things about the city and more still to come!


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