Monday, 17 September 2012

I Left My Heart in Dunedin

This was our 4th visit to Dunedin. I think since the Christchurch earthquake we have grown to love Dunedin more & more. We were literally discussing how we could make moving there a possibility. I can see myself in a wee old cottage, inspired by those grey sky days & the icy breeze. We stayed in a lovely bach high on a hill overlooking the Harbour. 

I must admit we visited our first op shop as soon as we'd arrived. Penny-Rose has blogged about one of the newest Dunedin thrift shops....Toffs. I can see why she frequents that shop. They have a fantastic vintage section, & the entire back area is priced at $2. I made my first purchase of a vintage maxi skirt from the $2 section.

We spent the day in the city on Saturday. I visited as many op shops as were open after a huge breakfast of french toast at our all time favourite cafe Modaks. And how strange is husband used to work with the new owner! Small world. Modaks make delicious food & the best coffee, but the vintage decor really makes my heart sing. 

Ready...set...go for our day in the city. Excited much???

Modaks how I love thee.

But where to sit???? So many options!

Mmmm French toast that tastes like Cinnamon donuts.

Outside the huge thrift shop Savemart. Nothing worth buying that day.

On Sunday we had brunch at Modaks with the lovely Penny-Rose & her delightful daughter. It was great to meet a fellow blogger who shares a passion for op shopping, & has lots of inside tips for thrifting in Dunedin. Check out her blog called Polkadots & Spinning Tops.

The lovely Penny-Rose

Penny-Rose gave me these gorgeous kitsch salt & pepper shakers....aren't they just divine?! Thank you for taking the time to meet & for the thoughtful gift.

We visited the steepest street in the world....Baldwin Street, & we discovered our car had a flat tyre. Thank goodness Mr P knew how to change it!

Dunedin has a great range of vintage stores & plenty of op shops. I felt like there was a greater range of vintage clothing then we have at my local op shops. We went to ReStore as we were leaving Dunedin, & I picked up a pair of sweet deers. It's a great shop full of vintage treasures, although not so much in the way of clothing. Here are the things I found in Dunedin.

Button necklace - 50cents from Butterflies Op Shop

A pair of chunky rings from Pagani

A handmade floral brooch - Things Design Store

$2 maxi skirt from Toffs

 Pair of deers from ReStore


Old donkey $1 & bird ornament from unknown second hand store.


  1. Welcome back! Nice to see you with Penny-Rose! That op shop is enormous, so neat and tidy and nothing like our UK ones! Sarah's going to kill for that donkey! x

  2. French Toast that tastes like cinnamon donuts - yummmm!!!

  3. Awwww, I got tears in my eyes of happiness reading this post. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time in Dunedin. It was so lovely to meet you and Mr P and thank you for introducing me and Dear Daughter to Modaks. We will definitely be going there again. I confess, I did laugh when I read that you got a flat tyre at Baldwin Street. Of all the places in Dunedin - it was the steepest street in the WORLD. Glad you are safely home and hope to see you in the maxi skirt from Toffs soon. xx

  4. O,Modaks does indeed enjoy the reputation of being the best cafe in Dunedin! Can't remember when last G and I were in Dunedin, but we'll certainly being making more of an effort to go down when Vanessa and Warren are settled there, and if/when you two are!
    Toffs does sound rather fabulous!I hadn't heard of ReStore,but have been to Purple rain-found some great pieces for G-and Savemart-didn't find much there.South Dunedin has some good vintage,if I remember rightly.
    Nice you met Penny Rose!
    Yay you're back home safe and sound and chock full of treasures!

  5. Ah Modaks- did you try the cinnamon pinwheels? To die for. The french toast does sound good though. And the staff are lovely. If only we could get them to play some decent music!

  6. Oooh everything sounds so bloody good you lucky girl!!! the size of that first shop is just amazing, esp. in such a small town, I'd have gone mental I reckon!! And so much good cheap kitschness, can't go wrong there! Looking forward to hearing more.xx.

  7. Dunedin does have some lovely old buildings. Looks like you got some great stuff. That floral brooch is fabulous. It's sort of funny that you want to move to Dunedin because it seems like every one in NZ wants to move to Australia but we don't get many Australians moving here.

  8. Ooh everything looks gorgeous - what a beautiful city! The burro is lovely and I love the little deer - your skirt is very pretty and I would LOOOVE any place called Purple Rain. The cafe looks fab - I love the chairs and crocheted cushions. I love everything! Sarah xxx

  9. Your trip looks like it was absolutely divine (not to mention the look of that french toast!). I couldn't believe the size of Savemart either, sheesh if I was there I don't know that I would have seen much of the rest of town haha. You picked up some gorgeous bits too, isn't it nice to do something you love (ie op shopping) on a lovely holiday and come back with some items that will always remind you of the trip. Welcome home and thanks for a great post! xx

  10. Yah! You got to meet Penny-Rose! How fun:) We love Dunedin too and have quite seriously considered moving there, but there is just so much work for both of us in Wellington. Its such a beautiful place, did you visit Port Chalmers?

  11. Doing a mass blog catch up.
    You have impeccable taste in Dunedin places.
    Modaks is one of my faves :)


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