Friday, 28 September 2012

Auckland Frock Friday

I got lots of wear out of this Ebay frock while we were away. It was from a French seller, & it is made by Maguitex of France. Unfortunately it's packed away for another year now the weather is so hot here in Brisbane already. How I wish we had a real spring!  On our first day in Auckland I went to the Vintage Textiles Fair in Epsom. It was my second time at the fair, & it's held in a large show room filled with vintage fabrics, linens, sewing supplies, clothing & accessories. Nothing really grabbed me, & the prices were fairly high so I was very restrained & only came away with a bead necklace. It was a shame it didn't work out that I could see Trees while she was in Auckland, but hopefully we'll catchup on our next visit.

Among the lambs at Cornwall Park. I love how the sheep & cattle roam free only 10 minutes from the city centre.

Outfit Details......

French frock - Ebay
Green coat - Retro Metro in Paddington
Vintage bag - Blenheim Road Recycle Shop
Bead necklace - gift from Miss Vanessa
Flower brooch - Dunedin
Bead ring - Queenstown
Typewriter bracelet - gift from Mr P
Boots, belt, tights, scarf - Retail


  1. Yah! Auckland - I'm so sad we couldn't catch up, but I know our paths will cross in the future for sure.

    I love the photo with the lamb in the background - very NZ!

  2. Awww look at you with the lovely little lambs!!! Too cute!

    Ooh, a vintage fabric meet huh?? I wonder if we do anything like that over here...I'd love to check it out. Ah, sometimes we don't always come away with something huh? We just move onto the next one! ;) K x

  3. Oh... that Vintage Textiles Fair would have been fantastic! I LOVE both of those dresses and they look fab on you :)

    Love the sweet little Lamby shots too :)

  4. Love the mix of geometric prints on the frock and coat. I've got an idea - just pack up all your lovely clothes that will be too hot for you now and send them across to me for the autumn/winter! I'll send them back in the spring, honest...
    Lovely photos, as always. Have a great weekend. xxxx

  5. I'm in love with your amazing coat! It looks so good on you!

  6. that coat is particularly speacial but the dress is lovely too!

  7. Green goodness! love the coat and that frock and I'm captivated by that darling little lamb trotting past you, too!
    What a shame you never got to meet Trees, I'd loved to have seen a photo of the pair of you together. Great excuse for going back though, isn't it? xxx

  8. Darl I daresay those blue "beads' are crystals, good find!!

  9. Love both of these frocks so much - the new necklace is GORGEOUS and I would absolutely LOVE to romp with the lambs! Thanks for the great pics - it's nice to go on holidays with you!

    Sarah xxx

  10. I'm so jealous that you went to the vintage textiles fair. Those pictures of you with the lambs do little to end the rumours that the whole of NZ is just filled with sheep ;)


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