Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Like Mother Like Daughter

My Mum loves to op shop like me & she often picks up things she thinks I might like. She found these kitsch wall hangings from Salvos in Caloundra. They are a pressed metal picture on a wooden frame. When I unwrapped them & saw the bird trio I was excited, & then I saw the deer as well....happy Kitsch overload!!!! They might be ugly to some, but not to me.

Mum found this set of very old cookie cutters.

She also passed onto me this beautiful neglige brunch coat that she wore on her honeymoon. She got rid of the matching nighty, but I'm glad she didn't toss this out. I used to play dress ups in it when I was little.

Mum also found her collection of gloves from the 1960's.

These off white ones are my favourite....I love the bow detail on the wrist. So delicate & pretty!

Some fingerless lace gloves.

Mum gave me a sheet set from our family holiday unit. I remember sleeping on them as a child, so I was happy to have them before Mum tossed them out like she did my Holly Hobby sheet set.....BooHoo.

Mum picked up this sterling silver birdy brooch from our local Salvos.

My mum passed these dainty little espresso cups & saucers onto me when I inherited Nana's china cabinet. I remember playing very carefully with these when I was a little girl. I have always loved the pretty pink roses. They belonged to Mum's grandparents, so she thinks they are from around 1921.

One of Mum's friends was tossing out some old books, so she rescued this one for my collection.

Thanks for the treasures Mum.....I love you so much. Xx


  1. Lucky you having an op shopping mama who clearly knows your taste! I could never convince my Mum to come op shopping or garage saleing. But it's from her that I got my appreciation for old stuff as she kept it all! And she was a great collector...
    Great gloves and sheets that your mum kept. Awesome.

  2. Oh I think that is so lovely that your Mum buys things for you - the pictures are fabulous. I have a soft spot for deer and bambi. The tea set is gorgeous and the sheets are very 1970s.

  3. awww...bless her! Sometimes my mum sends me random fabric she picks up at op shops, unfortunately in our tiny apartment we don't have much room so she doesn't send me other goodies. That bird brooch is adorable and you have quite a collection of gloves now!

  4. Oh mum you are the best!!!!!! These treasures are fabulous. The little birdie brooch is so lovely. Then the rose china set is gorgeous!!!!! Oh to many things to comment on.
    Pretty gloves, groovy sheets, amazing wall hangings and cool cookie cutters!!!!!!!! The best treasure ever and all with great memories.
    Love v

  5. My mum is a collector of all sorts of stuff, not clothes so much, that isn't her thing, but I grew up in a house full of random stuff, mostly from jumble sales and auctions or hand-me-downs. Isn't your mum wonderful to pass so many treasures your way? And that some of them have personal memories attached makes them special. Love all her gloves and the sweet little cups and saucers. And the birdy brooch and wall plaques she found for you are gorgeous. xxxxx

  6. Your mum is amazing. How sweet to nab you such sweet treasures and pass on others just as sweet. The gloves are wonderful, especially the lace ones.

  7. aahhh what a lovely mum and what beautiful things. I love those gloves especially the 3rd pair there all so delicate and pretty she had great taste ;-)) I really like those pictures to and the sheet and the brooch and the tea set its all really lovely. Your mum is a little gem ;-) dee xx

  8. Oh my goodness! What great treasures! I love the pressed metal wall hanging - Kitsch gold!! They are right up my alley. Also love the tea set, sheets and gloves!! xx

  9. What a sweet mom! And what amazing treasures! I love everything, especially the little fingerless lace gloves.

  10. What a good Mom - love all your treasures!!!

  11. Wow! Your mum has so many good things! I love the little bird brooch - it must be British as it's definitely a Wren. I really love the china espresso cups - I do have a book about English porcelain stamps so I could date these for you if you want. Soooo jealous of the brunch coat and all those gloves ,especially the fingerless ones

    1. Hey Miss S....Mum said the little cups & saucers belonged to her grandparents, so she thinks they are from around 1921. It would be interesting to find out more about them. Xx

  12. What precious things! Love that negligee (and the happy memories it came with) and those sheets are fabulous, I'd be making a maxi dress out of them! xxx

  13. Wow! Youe mum has great taste. I love all of it but especially that lovely little birdie brooch and those sheets - I love the colours in them.

    Those wall hangings would definitely earn a place on our wall too!

    Nikki x

  14. O,bless your Mama! It's clear where you get your great taste from!
    I am loving those gloves!And the sheets-would make a fab frock!

  15. Oh yay what wonderful treasures! I especially love the SHEET and the GLOVES! Lucky duck! Sarah xxx

  16. My mum is a charity shop addict too and I've definitely taken after her. I love the little bird brooch and the sheets most of all, but it's all lovely. I love the idea of a dainty little tea set but in reality I drink mugs of tea constantly and a little tea cup just wouldn't hold enough for me, but they're so pretty I keep thinking I'd like one. xx

  17. Love the vintage sheet... I can't believe that your Mum threw out Hollie Hobby sheets! Oh what a travesty!!!
    Those gloves are all lovely too :)

  18. really great stuff! i love that bed jacket. lingerie was so much prettier back then. the cups are gorgeous too.


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