Friday, 17 August 2012

Kenwall Frock Friday

I can't believe it was 27 degrees today! It felt like summer & that felt wrong to me in August. We seem to have such a short winter....I am dreading the return of the heat & humidity. Just as well we're escaping to New Zealand in a weeks time!

Today's frock is from Retro Metro at Paddington. I seem to have quite a few dresses from there. I do like the colours & the cut. I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of it when summer arrives....which won't be too far away from the feel of it!

Outfit Details.....
Frock & Knit bag - $5 each Retro Metro
Vintage pendant - Ebay
Brooch - Caroline at Things I Do
Bangles - Great Aunty & thrifted
Green ring - K. Road Auckland
Cardi, belt, tights, sunnies & boots - retail


  1. 27! Boy, it didn't get above 5.5 degrees here today and we had snow!!! Today has been the coldest day ever.

    Lovely outfit, I really like the little bid brooch and the green ring. x

  2. Oh how I love this dress! Big splashy flowers, great colours (are the flowers red or orange or pinkish, or all of the above?) and of course it looks great belted and booted.
    That ring is a stunner too, and the birdie brooch is so sweet.
    Fractional Fitting? Whatever does that mean?
    Have a great weekend! xxxxx

  3. Gorgeous jewellery and that dress is awfully pretty xxx

  4. You look gorgeous as per usual I especially love your brooch it's so sweet.

  5. I'd love it be 27 here - how come your winter is hotter than my summer?!
    I love that dress - yet another fantastic label. The ring and the birdie brooch are great too

  6. I love the print on the dress, but I have the say the bag is my favourite! XO.

  7. Eeek! I scored a maxi today with almost the same print! You look ace, love the bird brooches and the bag!
    27-blinking-degrees? I'm so envious. xxx

  8. You look very very pretty in that dress. I have a dress that's VERY close to that pattern. I almost had to look twice to make sure it wasn't the exact same dress. *lol*

    P.s. That bag is totally delicious!

  9. 27 degrees!!! I am so envious. The dress is so pretty and you have teamed it up with lovely accessories the brooch with the three little birds is so cute. Hope you have a lovely weekend and remember to pack some warmer clothes for the NZ climate!! xx

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  11. Woops left anothers persons comment the first time, d'oh!
    There's some fab cheap stuff at RM clearance store if you dig, isn't there? Good score!!

  12. I'm loving that print too and it fits like a dream!!! $5 - what a bargain!! I'm liking that cute green ring from K Rd too x

  13. I love the print and that cute birdie brooch is awesome! I hope you enjoy your NZ time - where are you going?

  14. Gorgeous outfit,love those colours! p.s. love your "Nana rug" thrifted bag.

  15. I luuurvve the birdie brooch, tooo cute! You have totally turned the dress into a current style, it looks so great. Sometimes it really is just thinking outside the box when it comes to vintage fashion, esp when you see it on the rack and think "nah, I can't wear that". You've really modernised it so well. Kel xx


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