Sunday, 5 August 2012

Funny what you find thrifting

Why is it when you tell yourself you don't need to buy anything else that temptation seems to be in every op shop? I wasn't planning on buying anything, but these things were too good to leave behind!

My eye went straight to these old Krupps bathroom scales at Salvos for $5. I think orange is the next best colour to green.

I found a set of drawers identical to one we have from when Mr P was a boy. I've seen them go for a fair bit on Ebay lately. $4 from the church op shop.

Also from the church op shop was this old Australian tulip vase. It's actually really big, like a salad bowl. I can't make out the markings, but the op shop lady said she was given something similar for a wedding present 60 years ago. Also $4.

This footed bowl was from the New Farm RSPCA op shop for $3. Can you believe it's actually sterling silver, but someone has painted over it as I guess it was tarnished. Funny thing is I actually like the red industrial look. Now it's yet another spot where I can store my ball collection.

A vintage jar with a green lid.


  1. All fab treasures - I especially love the red footed bowl (and the red anodised lamp!) I had so many old bathroom scales I gave most of them away - your orange ones are gorgeous! Sarah xxx

  2. I'm so glad you're going to keep that sterling silver bowl as you found it. I think it looks awesome in its chippy coat of paint,

  3. My favourite is the cupboards - I really need something like that!

  4. Oh.. I remember mum having exactly the same jar with green lid in the last pics there.. I don't know what she ever did with it.. Can't believe that bowl is sterling siler also!You find some great treasures. C XX

  5. I always find things when I'm not planning on spending any money too. Those orange scales are fabulous. I love the jar with the green lid too.

  6. It's a well-known shopping phenomenon - as soon as you have no money and aren't planning to buy anything, you find a great haul of treasures! The scales, the drawers, the vase, the silver bowl, it's all fabulous and I can see why you couldn't resist! xxxxx

  7. that footed bowl is fantastic! Does it have any interesting markings? I love the scales, the colour's so cheerful you almost wouldn't mind what they said...

  8. Oh you always find the best treasure. So looking forward to seeing the finds in NZ!!!!!
    The orange scales are the best.
    Love v

  9. I have a thing for old scales! We have two in our house, Thank GOD I don't come across them very often I don't think I would be able to leave them behind. *lol*

    Your orange one is ORANGEMAZING! =D


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