Friday, 10 August 2012

Frock Friday & the Love Vintage Fair

Today's frock friday is the first time I've ever worn beige. Usually I avoid it like the plague, as I look so washed out in it. But this spotty zip front frock made me change my mind. I seem to be wearing the red & blue combo a lot lately.

And now for a belated post on the Love Vintage Fair.......

Miss J & I went to the Love Vintage fair in Brisbane last month. I won a double pass, & truth be told I was glad I didn't pay the entry fee as the fair wasn't really up my alley. Don't get me wrong there were some beautiful things there, but the cheaper end of the scale were frocks upwards of $100, apart from a few sale racks with nothing special. I would call it fancy pants vintage, whereas I am more cheap-skate thrifty vintage. The fair certainly pulled a good crowd, & there were many gorgeous ladies styled to the max. We browsed the fair in record time, & decided to hit our favourite op shops in Paddington after lunching at the Three Monkeys Cafe in West End. I must admit I much prefer the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair held twice a year at Eagle Farm, & The Way We Wear Fair at Mt Gravatt, which is on tomorrow (Yay!).

There was a fashion tribute to Marilyn Monroe

  I ran into our delightful  Kitty looking scrumptious in a lace frock.

These beaded bags caught my eye.....$65

There were different seminars about vintage fashion.

A best dressed competition.

My latest thrifted bag....just like a Nana rug.

Outfit Details......
Vintage Jonathan Summers spotty frock - thrifted from Salvos
Blue beads - thrifted
White & gold ring - vintage from Mum
Turquoise gold ring - Eumundi Markets
Gold & blue Fossil bracelet - gifted from Miss J
Vintage gold bracelet - Ebay
Red enamel brooch - from childhood
Nana rug crochet bag - thrifted
Belt, boots, tights & cardigan - retail.


  1. Hello, hope you have been having a good week. I have never been to a real vintage fair - don't seem to have them here in NZ. Like you I am more of a budget price thrifty girl. The red and blue goes so well - I really love polka dots.

  2. Hi, I've just discovered your blog and looking forward to reading more of your posts. Your red and blue outfit is lovely, really well put together. I look washed out in beige too but the bright colours work really well with it and you look great. I've never been to a vintage fair either, just charity shops, car boot sales and Ebay sometimes. xx

  3. Love how you co-ordinate all your colors so well right down to the jewellery and always look the hair too...looks so stylish xoxo

  4. I know you said earlier that you don't wear red much, but it really suits you. Love the dress, you look so fresh and summery.

    The fair looks really great, we missed the chance to go when it was on in Canberra, hoping to catch it next year.

    Enjoy the weekend, Tam x

  5. I really love your little bag! From a distance I thought they were strawberries!

  6. I don't do beige usually either, for the same reasons as you. But as with all colours, it's all about how you wear them, and the red and blue in this outfit work really well. It's hard to resist the lure of polka dots, and the dress looks great with the colourful tights, cardigan and that wonderful bag. And this is the woman who didn't wear red!
    I feel the same as you about high end vintage selling. It's lovely to look and admire, and I appreciate some items should be expensive, as they are top quality and rare. But I can't afford that myself, and I like to go to fairs with a range of prices so there is something in my range. Ah well, I bet you saw some lovely things, including gorgeous Kitty! There are a fair few of us in your cheapskate thrifty gang, we will just have to scour the op/thrift/charity shops for treasures at prices we can afford!
    Have a lovely weekend. xxxx

  7. argh, I can't cope with expensive fairs either! But that dress is fab, it really suits you, especially with the red

  8. I don't do beige - but that isn't just any old beige dress, its fabulous!!

  9. I don't see any beige here woman, what are yout alking about?! That combo is fab, unlike the photo of me, lol!! Let's catch up soon, I'll be at Eagle Farm.xx.

  10. Oh what a wonderful trip to the fair!! I wish I had been feeling well enough to go, I would have loved to have "bumped" into you:)). I absolutely love your new spotty frock and you SO don't make it look like beige - I had to take a real close look at it - oh the colour possibilities with the blue spots are making me giddy with joy!! And I ADORE your nanna-bag soooooooo much!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. Usually beige looks boring but yours is anything but. The polka dots are fabulous. I love your new bag. The flowers on it are great.

  12. Oh you just know I am going to love that dress!!!!!! Polka dots!!!!!
    You look so very very pretty in it and I love the red cardigan too.The nana bag was such a great find.
    Looking super gorgeous with the lovely Miss kitty. Two beautiful vintage ladies.
    Love v

  13. Gorgeous dress!! Polka dots are so chic and classic xxx I love the best dressed photo, some gorgeous outfits there xx I have a wee gift to send you from the Two Squirrels garage sale-can you send me your address please? My email is if you want to email it to me :)xxxx


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