Monday, 13 August 2012

Don't be Crewel......Thrifted Finds

Here are a few things I found on my last trip to the Wynnum op shops...........

A wee kitsch squirrel with a furry tale. Miss J thought he was creepy....looks like he's holding a turd nut!

A family of squirrels 80cents....not sure about the colour, or the slightly crazed look of the little ones, but thanks to Miss Vanessa I can't leave a squirrel behind these days!

A linen table runner with red crewel work (I'm assuming that's what it might be?).

An icon of the 70' & brown tupperware biscuit barrel.

Will the accessory obsession EVER stop???
Tan & navy bangle

Red & navy beads

Blue button bracelet

Red bead necklace

A pair of orange beads

Red stretch belt $1...a necessity now that I'm wearing red.


  1. Love the little squirrels - cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I love all the wee squirrels - so cute!! Also very nice accessory haul, you are a girl after my own heart xoxo

  3. I love all the pretty jewellery. The family of squirrels is so perfectly kitsch. I sort of like that the little ones look crazed.

  4. Ha, Vanessa will appreciate the squirrels! I think the fluffy-tailed one is cute, that is so not a turd he's holding, what are you like!
    Love all your beads, and I do think you needed a red belt, now you have discovered a new love of wearing red! xxx

  5. The little squirrels are so cute and a red belt is exactly what I am after at the moment.

  6. I have a soft spot for orange and brown together, as it is as you say, so evocative of the seventies. My mum and step dad's flat was done out in orange, brown and purple, it was utterly fabulous! That biscuit barrel would have slotted right in!

  7. Love your finds - especially the bangle! My bedroom in the 1970's was orange and brown!

  8. First i have to say you looked gorgous in your last post the colours are lovely. Cute finds to love the squirrels ;-)) dee xx

  9. i love that fuzzy tailed squirrel! and all your jewelry. i need to start picking up necklaces and bracelets.

  10. The Wynnum oppy's are pretty good aren't they? I live walking distance away so maybe we can grab a coffee next time. I would love to meet you:)). xxoo

  11. Oh oh a Squirrel!!!!!! So so so cute. His fluffy wee tail is delightful!!!!!
    I love all the fabulous accessories you found.
    Not long till you will be in Kiwi land. Yay!!!!!
    Love v

  12. *LOL* At the squirrel holding a turd. Such a cute / odd figurine. I have a table runner sort of like that one and I LOVE IT!

  13. Oh wow! I was doing some vollie work at a little op shop over here last Friday and came across the exact same orange and brown cannister. I figured as I had already snaffled a few things for myself, that I would leave that one for real customers haha. But it's been sticking in my mind...hopefully it's still there this Friday - or I'll just swoon over your pics if not! Haha. Kel x

  14. you need to go to accessories anonymous! I love the crazed squirrels too1


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