Wednesday, 1 August 2012

1960's Kroehler Shelves

I have been wanting to upgrade my generic Ikea bookcase for a while now, as it just doesn't do anything for me style wise. I have searched on Ebay & in my favourite vintage/antique stores but have never found the right piece at the right price. I was delighted to find this bookcase on Gumtree (kind of like the Trading Post). A lady had inherited it from her mother who had bought it from David Jones in the 1960's. I thought it was a good buy at $40. It's made by Kroehler furniture company. Mr P & I killed our backs by carrying it sure is heavy, but worth the pain!

The shelf above, before my inner clutter monster took over.

Clutter monster in action. There's NO minimalism in our house!

It's got the sweetest green handle on the drawer. It must have been made with me in mind!

Here's some of the advertising by Kroehler from the 1950's & a brief history of the Kroehler furniture company from the Chicago business encyclopedia.

In 1902, Peter E. Kroehler bought the Naperville Lounge Co., a maker of wooden lounge chairs and upholstered furniture. Kroehler built a new factory in Naperville in 1913 after the original facility was destroyed by a tornado. Soon thereafter, he renamed the company Kroehler Manufacturing Co. This enterprise soon operated across the country and employed several hundred men and women in the Chicago area. By the middle of the 1940s, with over $20 million in annual sales, Kroehler was the second-largest furniture maker in the United States. During the 1960s, when the company employed close to 8,000 people around the country, annual revenues passed $100 million. The company struggled during the 1970s, closing its historic Naperville factory in 1978 and ending its operations in the area. In 1981 Kroehler was acquired by the ATR Group of Northbrook, which put the company up for sale. By the early 2000s, furniture was still manufactured under the Kroehler name by two unrelated companies, one in North Carolina and the other in Ontario, Canada.

I'm adoring the blue sofas above....check out the space age detailing. So funky!


  1. Awesome find. Lovely piece of furniture in good new hands! (well worth the hard yakka to get it upstairs!) I enjoyed looking at the Kroehler advertising pics too. Some of those couches are pretty special aren't they?

  2. Lovely shelves, they look great loaded up with your books and knick knacks.
    Wonderful adverts too. Some of the sofas, especially the corner ones, look very modern in design.
    Hope your back has recovered and you can enjoy looking at your new piece without pain! xxx

  3. What a great find and so cheap. I love the clutter monster it makes your house a home.

  4. That is awesome and such a good price! It looks great with all your treasures on it as well - my clutter monster is also a craft/sewing things tend to get a little out of control!

    Love the Russian dolls - they are one of my favourite things. I have a set I bought from a Ukrainian festival last year, I love them:D

  5. oooh a name to look out for. My town charity shops are dominated by G Plan, being the home of it. I really love the bookcase, it's such a nice design and the handle is really very sweet. The most fun bit is arranging all the clutter!


  6. Oh from one Clutter Monster to another!!!!! That is an amazing find!!!!! I love it and then to have the history. Happiness is a vintage piece that is just what you wanted(even when your back is saying ouch).
    Love v

  7. What a brilliant find! I love it when there's a maker's label, too. We're in desperate need of book shelves, I refuse to give Ikea house room, I want some like yours! x

  8. that is a really beautiful shelf! gorgeous. and my clutter monster says hi to yours!

  9. Hi, those shelfs are lovely and they look gorgeous filled with all your lovely things ;-)) Great find. dee xx

  10. Oooooh I loooove those blue sofa's, if only they were easy to find in good condition now-modern furniture isn't half as pretty! Your sehlves look fab and I love the green detail on the drawer handle, so pretty! Hope you are well xxxxx

  11. Your shelves are absolutely gorgeous!!
    I also love all the pictures you added to this post. I adore furniture advertising photos a little too much.


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