Monday, 2 July 2012

Another Year Older

Yesterday Mr P & I met our dear friends Miss J & her lovely family in Brisbane at the Suitcase Rummage for my birthday. It was a glorious Queensland winters day & there were lots of sellers out, which meant some bargain treasures for me & Miss J. Later on my family came over for dinner, so all round the day couldn't be more perfect. Plus I got spoilt with some lovely gifts & vintage goodies which I'll show during the week.

Here are the things I found at the Rummage............

A queen size Nana rug in orange & green for the bargain price of $12

An old leather & velvet floral handbag/clutch in greens & pink $2

A vintage Kenwall frock with micro pleats in a floaty floral fabric $5 which just happens to match the bag above perfectly & I didn't even plan that!

And my exciting score of the day was this as new tan leather Fossil handbag for only $5!

Mr P scored these manly vintage truck mugs for his daily caffeine fix.


  1. I love how the frock and handbag work so well together! They are just darling - looking forward to seeing you model that frock:)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Sorry, I am so far behind that I have to wish you a very happy Anniversary too! The post was lovely, and it was so nice to read more about you and Mr P, and the special bond that you both share. I wish you many many more to come. Birthday wishes for your sister also!

    Its always lovely to pop on over and see what lovely things you are wearing and fantastic vintage finds, and of course a little birdie or two. Tam x

  3. Fab nana rug, I'm in search of a perfect single size one for Little V's bed. The dress and bag a gorgeous. As always you've done well. Hoping I can manage a Suitcase Rummage again real soon.

  4. Happy Birthday, my dear! I see you had a very successful day, those are some great finds.
    I think my faves are both bags and the frock. No surprises there really! Though a tan leather bag is always useful in a goes-with-everything way, I really love that pretty clutch bag, look at those gorgeous velvet flowers! Perfect with that beautiful dress.
    A perfect birthday for a wonderful woman! xxxx

  5. Happy Birthday! That bag and dress are perfect together, what fabulous finds! You can't beat a tan leather bag, I had no idea Fossil made anything other than funky watches! x

  6. Boo I didn't make it to Rummage this time, Sat night was a huge one for me, but there are always so many great finds there!!

  7. Happy birthday:)))). It was a glorious weekend for a birthday and it sounds like you had a splendid time at the SR - I'll have my eyes peeled for the next one:). I love your new rug, it's so hard to find them in large sizes and oh the colours are glorious! What a score with the gorgeous frock and bags, bet you'll be snuggled up with the rug tonight, it's supposed to be five degrees! xxx

  8. Happy Birthday!!
    I hope you have a great day.
    The rug is a GREAT find.
    I am in love with your carpet bag (It's VERY pretty) So is the dress.
    Wow score on the fossil bag.
    I love the mugs your Mr. found

  9. Happy birthday!
    I adore that dress find! The print is amazing and for $5? What a birthday bargain! :)

  10. Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you had a lovely day at the rummage and you found some wonderful things. I love the dress - the colours and pattern are just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing you wearing it. I think its a special type of karma when you find the perfect bag and to find one which perfectly matches a dress is extra special indeed.

  11. Love the manly mugs! great stuff as ever but I'm especially jealous of the handbag

  12. OOOOOOHHHHH! the frock and velvet bag are SPECTACULARLY SPLENDIFEROUSLY FABULARSEHOLE! Phew, I need a lie down. Sarah xxx

  13. AND...


    Sarah xxx

  14. Lovin' that gorgeous frock and the bag matches so well it looks like it was made for it....the fossil bag...what a find.


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