Friday, 15 June 2012

WAC Frock Friday

Today's pics are taken at the glorious Woolloongabba Antique Centre, a must do for any Brisbane vintage lover. It just happens to be one of my favourite places to hang out, and they make great coffee. This green crimplene zip front frock with pockets was from my local Salvos store for $4.

Here's a couple of frocks that caught my eye at Kitty's stall. I've had my eye on that pink & green floral frock for ages....maybe I'll actually try it on next time if it's still there.

A shipping map caught Mr P's eye, although he was rather restrained & decided against it.

                                                Sideboard delights

                                   A gorgeous old dentists draw.

                    Yay for a family of kitsch deer....only $45! Eeekk!

How strange that I found those weird cat salt & pepper shakers from a local op shop a few weeks ago for $3. I had no idea of their history, so I was glad to stumble across some here.

Green handmade button necklace
Green handmade button ring
Birdy bracelet- retail from K-Road Auckland
Birdy brooch- retail from Lamington in Noosa
Belt, cardigan & boots- retail.

Mr P & I are off for a long weekend at the Sunshine Coast for our wedding anniversary. The amount of stuff I have packed for one weekend is utterly ridiculous! I think I have 5 jackets, 8 frocks & 7 cardigans & 5 pairs of shoes. I am absolutely dreading packing for New Zealand! I think I need to join over-packers anonymous. Thank you too for those of you that left some lovely comments regarding my health issues. I do appreciate your care, & thanks for helping me to see that I don't necessarily have to hide that part of my life from the blog world.

Any Brisbanites should check out a fabulous garage sale on Saturday at Mitchelton, with all proceeds going to my friend Amara & her medical treatment. There will be all sorts of vintage & retro goodies on sale.....I wish I could be there, but the Caloundra op shops are calling me this weekend!


  1. This place is epic!! I am quite seriously considering a trip to Brisbane later this year - if I come can you take me there?

    Also I love your frock and birdy themed accessories - cute!!

    Where are you visiting in nz - if you are planning coming anywhere near Wellington do let me know!

  2. Oh sweet you must go back and try on the floral dress, I think it would look gorgeous on you.
    Today's wee green dream is super cute!!!!!
    I just love the wee birdie bracelet.
    Happy happy happy anniversary to you both.
    I hope you have the most wonderful weekend.
    Love v
    PS I would love to catch up when you are in NZ too. If you have time.

  3. I LOVE todays outfit....look gorgeous and especially love the birdy bracelet and accessories. on a less vintage note....really like the grey stockings...I need to get myself a pair of those!!:)
    have a wonderful time together this weekend. happy anniversary to two of our favourite people. love you lots xo

  4. You look fabulous and i adore that brooch that is so pretty and delicate looking. What a great place for a mooch around my eyes where going everywhere on your photo's ;-)) Love that sideboard and the lamp. Have a lovely weekend and happy anniversary. dee xx

  5. Great outfit - love the button necklace!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. wow I love that dress! and I hope the garage sale goes well to!

  7. What a great antiques / vintage centre! Love the bird brooch - so pretty!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I love your dress and that button jewellery is just stunning. x

  9. that looks like a great shop! i love that sideboard, and the deer! 45 bucks though? ah!

  10. Love the button necklace!!


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