Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Sister

Today is my one & only big sister's birthday. B & I couldn't be more different....she loves exercise & a clutter free home. I like carbs, cake & lots of Nana style clutter. B tosses things out with no remorse, where as I'm a bit of a hoarder. I love winter & B loves summer. She was the good girl growing up, while I caused all the trouble. I'm taller, & yet we both have the same shoe size....which makes my feet look like hooves. We both married at the tender age of 19, & while that worked out perfectly for me & Mr P, it probably wasn't the best thing for B. My sis has gone through a difficult marriage split in the past year, & while we'd sooner rather forget the stress of the past 12 months, I know there will be happier days ahead for my dear sister. Thank you B for putting up with a pain in the you know where little sister much of the time in our younger years. I think you are so strong & brave to have left the situation you were in, & to be creating a new future for yourself & your precious kids. I love you so much. Happy Birthday! Xx

Here's a few pics in honour of my sis.......

These 3 pics are of us & our Nana. I think my love of old things comes from my Nana.....just look at her style! How I wish we had kept some of those frocks when she passed away.

Above are my stylie parents....well Mum was anyway!

Above with my sis B (left), & Mr P's sister (middle) who was my best friend long before I married Mr P.

We even had broken arms at the same time.

We were at the forefront of cutting edge style as you can see.

Long live the Koala jumpers!

And us in more recent times.

With my precious niece & nephew.


  1. Aww...bless! Happy birthday big sis! Also I have to say your nana had a rockin' wardrobe.

  2. That's beautiful Leisa and so lovingly put!

  3. Oh sweet happy birthday to your gorgeous sister!!!! Hope the year ahead is filled with much love and happiness for her.
    I just love the family pics. Please say the koala jumpers are long gone. Tee hee
    My sister and me are chalk and cheese too!!!!!
    Love v

  4. your beautiful sister is an inspiration and I hope she is blessed in the years ahead. she looks great in this years photo which is lovely. I know she would feel so thankful to have you as her amazing sister. xo

  5. What a lovely testimony to your friendship as well as sisterhood with your big sister.
    I love the Koala jumpers- long live the 80's! (NOT!!!)
    Funnily enough I've blogged today about needing to realise we are not brilliant but connected- looks like you and your sis have a great connectivity (Http:// xXx

  6. Happy Birthday to your lovely sis! those pictures are ace, particularly loving your Gran's yellow floral frock. x

  7. wow you're not at all alike, how bizarre! Same as me and mine, someone always thought one of us was adopted :( But you're the one with the style now, right?! LOL!

  8. Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!
    Happy Birthday to Big Sis.
    Love the photos - the jumpers and tartan frocks are so 80s, it hurts!
    Nana was a bit of a star, wasn't she? Just look at her rocking the bright prints and the maxi frock! Go Nana!
    This was another really touching post, you are such a sweetheart! xxx

  9. A Happy Birthday to your sister. Thanks for sharing your family photos!

  10. Sister relationships are special aren't Sis is like yours...always throwing things out, and loves everything modern, she says she feels claustrophobic when she visits me haha!!..lovin' those koala jumpers too..sounds like you've known your man all your life, l've known my hubby since we were about 7 or 8. Hope your Sis finds happiness in her life.


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