Friday, 22 June 2012

Miss V Wannabe Frock Friday

We took these photos when we were at the Sunshine Coast last weekend. Last week I popped into my favourite nursing home op shop, & I got this sweet vintage frock with a lace collar in a lovely thick cotton fabric. It cost a whole $2. It reminds me a bit of something Miss Vanessa would wear. She has such a wonderful collection of super pretty frocks, & she often inspires my wardrobe choices. So Mr P & I christened this frock as the Miss V. The op shop had a whole bag of retro frocks for $2 each, but most of them were obviously from the same dear Nana who must have liked large dropped waist dresses with pleated skirts. I have come to realize that not all retro is good retro if you know what I mean!

Vintage brooch from Mr P's Mum
Vintage ring from Caloundra Antique Fair
Vintage gold bangle & bracelet from Brisbane Collectorama Fair
Belt, boots & jacket - retail.


  1. You look so beautiful i love this outfit its so pretty but so comfortable and relaxed to. Love dresses and boots. Im trying to soak up your blue skys there its been a long time since i saw that ;-) Your brooch and ring are gorgeous to. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  2. Very pretty dress.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. What a beautiful dress - I love the material and the lace collar! A lucky find and a bargain too!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. The pretty pinks and blues in thecdressvwork lovely with your grey jacket.
    You're looking ever so sweet. X

  5. Oh Miss V is so super honoured to have such a pretty dress named after her. Thank you sweet you are just gorgeous.
    Miss V does look so lovely on you and look at all the fabulous accessories. The brooch from Mr P 's mum is heavenly, what a special gift.
    Sending squirrel hugs
    Love v

  6. How wonderful to name a frock after Miss V! I might have to pinch that idea, I would love to have a wardrobe of items named after inspirational blog buddies!
    I know what you mean about all vintage not being equal... As long as you have the eye for what works for you! That frock is so sweetly pretty, with the lovely floral print and the lace. And as always, you accessorize to perfection!
    Have a great weekend, love! xxxx

  7. You are the vintage accessory queen! I just love your jewels :)

  8. That looks great on you, the lace collar is just like something I've seen in Topshop for about 20 times the price.
    You're right, not all retro is good retro and sometimes a second-hand contemporary piece looks better. It's all about having confidence in your own taste and knowing what suits you and you certainly do!
    Have a great weekend. x

  9. Oooh ooh ooh I LOVE that beautiful brooch! You look absolutely gorgeous - and it's obviously a LOT warmer up there! Sarah xxx

  10. Such a pretty frock and I love these photos!

  11. Are you serious? $2 for that dress? amazing!! I need to know where you shop, so whenever I'm visiting the Sunny coast, I'll go there too :)

  12. You look lovely! I love the brooch and the ring. :) Lovely! Visiting via last week's Recycled Fashion.


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