Monday, 11 June 2012

Mellow Yellow Thrifted Finds

I have a bit of a thing for old lamps. I always keep my eyes peeled for them at op shops & on ebay, but I rarely come across any vintage ones when I'm thrifting. I found this yellow metal lamp from Salvos for $3, & figured it should come home with me. I'd imagine it's maybe a 1970's lamp due to the plugs & switch, but if any of you recognize the era please let me know! It's in our guest bedroom for now, on top of the little bedside table I found at Lifeline for $15.

My local dingy op shop had this set of Crown Lynn 'Narvik' tea cups & saucers in a lovely grey colour with white designs around the edge dating around the 60's. The set of 4 cost me $5. Seeing as I have such a soft spot for all things New Zealand, I had to have this little piece of Kiwi history.

Thank you so much to those who were concerned about my 2 hour physio appointment. I see a physio who helps to manage my back & neck pain due to my chronic auto immune illness & related muscle problems.  I have to admit I kind of keep my illness hidden from the blog world, as I don't want to bore anyone with my health problems. But after an awful worsening of my health earlier this year due to heart abnormalities & increasing infections, & then liver damage due to some strong medication I required, I was back to spending 80% of my life bedridden. As a result I have lost a lot of muscle tone, & am now paying the price (pain wise) for being able to do more. But I am SO grateful that my liver is much better & I am finally picking up again. Living with a chronic illness makes you grateful for the small things. If you want to know more about that part of my life just let me know, as I am happy to share with anyone who's interested. Xx


  1. I love the lamp! Your guest bedroom looks so colourful and cute - more photos please!

    So sorry to hear about your illness. It's a diffiult balance to meet when it comes to opening up on your blog. I always shy away from sharing anything too personal. I certainly wouldn't be bored if you decided to talk more about it xx

  2. The lamp is cool and he colour would brighten any room.

    I'm sorry about your struggles wih your health, you've been through a lot this year so far by the sounds of things.
    I'm a pretty open book but totally understand people's choice to keep things quiet. If you feel like sharing, I'm sure you realise you have a supportive community here around your blog who would kindly listen and support.

  3. Im really sorry to read about your health issues and believe me no one would get bored about you explaining your health issues far from it. Sometimes its good to share because others are experincing similar issues and it helps you to realise your not alone and people understand. I have problems with my joints and back due to being born with hip dysplasia and sometimes at its worst it can lay me up for a couple of days but i always try to remain positive you have to ;-)) Thank you so much for sharing with us. Big hugs to you and i hope your health improves and get's easier for you. dee xxx

  4. That lamp is very sweet ($3 is a bargain price)
    That tea set is so cute I adore it.

    It's good to hear you are picking up again and feeling better.
    I hope your health only continues to improve.

  5. That yellow lamp is awesome! Great price too. I'm spying a stack on vintage suitcase in your guest bedroom, they are fun too. The crown Lynn is sweet az bro - as they would say in NZ ;-)
    I hope your health is on the improve and you have more energy to keep op shopping and sharing your gorgeous finds x

  6. Your spare room is gorgeous - I love every single detail! The bedspread is gorgeous - the old suitcases are marvellous and I love your new yellow lamp!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems - I think we all have things we keep separate from our blog lives - and really, it's a nice way to not let our problems be the focus of our lives... but if you ever do want to vent, I think you'll find a group of very supportive people, who would not be bored at all.

    Big hugs, Sarah xxx

  7. That lamp is great and your spare room looks so fun! Also glad to hear you have a soft spot for anything from nz;)

    Sorry to hear about your health issues - I wish you all the best.

  8. Hello, Loving your blog and your style. I would say you are pretty much spot on on the age of the lamp...late 70's I would think. My experience has been that sharing about all parts of our lives is important. It reminds others that are more fortunate to be grateful and it also links us with others that share a similar story and can empathise and support. My daughter lives with health issues and I have only recently started sharing this with others. I think it is fantastic that you don't let your illness define who you are despite the many challenges it raises for you. Look forward to getting to know you xxxx Katherine

  9. I too have suffered with ill health since the beginning of February and have not been able to work as a consequence. It is hard to decide whether to share or not to share. I did mention it on my blog as I had been so ill that I couldn't post. All the comments I received were very supportive! I too have heart irregularities at present!
    I love the 1970's lamp - groovy!

  10. I really like your blog! Beautiful! I will visit you sometimes:)

  11. oh I love the coffee set, very 50s/60s. You're fantastic at managing and dealing with your condition xx

  12. Oh sweet this is a very late comment, so sorry. I have had a terrible week.
    I want to say how amazing you are and how beautifully you manage to be so positive when some days it must be so hard.
    I am so happy you are part of the blogging world we play in. Sending the very biggest furry squirrel to you.
    With love V

  13. jEALOUS!!! That lamp!! And that Crown Lynn!!! I've never seen that design before! Wowsers! Great scores!
    Sorry to hear of your health probs. The good thing about blogville is being able to share exactly what you do and don't want to share.. But I know other bloggers are genuinely interested in other bloggies' welfare.. Even though we don't know each other in 'real life' we feel like we're all friends! It's bizarre, but so cool!


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