Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nana Knits

Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week. I have a very sick Mr P home from work with gastro, & I now have the feeling I might be getting it too, although I'm still hoping it may just be sympathy tummy! I am a complete vomit phobe, & I can count the times I've spewed on one hand, although it's hard to remember when it happens so infrequently. It really is my least favourite thing to do! Anyhoo I will see how I go but I may miss my usual frock Friday post, as I'm sure Mr P would be just delighted to take my photo at the moment!

I found these sweet old Nana cardigans at my fave nursing home op shop. Miss Vanessa is my Nana cardigan inspiration...she wears them so well over her lovely dresses. These cost $3 each. It sure beats buying jumpers in normal retail stores.

A traditional brown cardy....I love the orange/brown buttons on this one.

This one has an old tag plus the name of the dear old Nana it belonged to in the nursing home no doubt. And yes I do realize what that means Kitty. Usually there is only one way out of a nursing home, but that doesn't bother me as long as the owner was not wearing the said item at the time of their departure!

This one is by 1970's brown tone stripes with pockets on the front.


  1. I love Nanna knits! I have them in a lot of colours for variety. xx

  2. Love the Nana knits, especially the last one. My Nana used to knit things for me when I was little but they itched like buggery. My boyfriend and I get sympathy illness, such weirdos!

  3. My kids have each been felled in turn by a tummy bug last week and this, I'm hoping it doesn't hit me too. Mummies aren't allowed to be ill, apparently. Hope the Mr feels better soon and that you don't succumb. I don't think anyone has vomiting on their To Do list!
    You always look wonderful in your frock'n'cardi combinations, so I can easily see you in these three beauties! xxxx

  4. Sorry to hear poor Mr P is unwell, hope he feels better soon and that you did not come down with it also. Love the knits especially the funky striped one, they all seem to be in great condition.

  5. Oh oh Yay to happy happy Nana Knits!!!! Yes I do love a good nana knit. They are scrumptious little finds.
    So looking forward to seeing you style them with your lovely dresses.
    I hope your lovely man is better soon, poor thing.
    Love v


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