Friday, 4 May 2012

Monet Frock Friday

Today's frock is one of my first vintage purchases. It came from Vinnies at Paddington & I think it cost me $3. The print reminds me of a Monet painting. I wore my new Planet boots for the first time too & thank goodness they are comfy...I just hope my tiny feet don't look like pigs trotters!

Brisbane held it's first Go Go Retro Vintage & Vinyl Roadshow last weekend. There were about 30 sellers of vintage clothing, accessories & music. Mr P picked up a couple of hard to find CD's & I scored a pair of fabulous vintage shoes. I don't wear heels very often but these were too stylish to resist. Sometimes it pays to have such small feet!

Thrifted owl necklace $1
Deer brooch turned into a necklace from Miss J
Fabric button ring by Kaboodle in Sydney
Vintage gold bracelet
Vintage mauve brooch from my Mum.

Here's a pic from the Go Go Retro Fair

And the Vintage shoes from the fair by 'Footrest' in dark brown & beige

We're off for a weekend away at the Sunshine Coast & in particular the Caloundra Antique & Collectables Fair. It's always a wonderful event & we usually come home with lots of treasures, so here's hoping we do this year as well. Wishing you all a happy weekend. Xx


  1. The dress is definitely a bit like a Monet painting. I love the blues and greens.

    The Go Go Go Reto Fair pic looks as though it was busy.

    Have a fab weekend away.

  2. Gorgeous dress, and looks lovely with the cardie. The boots look pretty cute too. Enjoy your weekend away, hope you find lots of lovelies, Tam x

  3. The dress looks great - I love those shades of blue and green. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Enjoy the fair...wish I was going xx

  5. I think there was a vintage fair in almost every city last weekend! I love the frock very pretty and you are so lucky to find pretty vintage shoes. It's impossible for size 9 feet. xx

  6. It's freezing here so I love the idea of the sunshine coast! Lovely brooches, I especially like the purple one! Those shoes are rather amazing too!!

  7. What a pretty frock, in those soft colours. And the boots and tan belt rough it up just a little bit, perfect!
    You always have enviable accessories, and those shoes are a great buy.
    Enjoy your weekend, looking forward to seeing what you come home with! xxxxx

  8. You look gorgeous love your dress those colours are so pretty on you. And those shoes are lush ;-) Such a pretty brooch to i never leave the house without one. Have a lovely weekend and i hope you find some lovely bargains. dee xx

  9. I am a little jealous of that cute owl neckalce! And I'm completely in love with your gorgeous dress.

    I often find that shoes are sold out in my size, and it's nearly impossible to thrift big feet shoes so I sometimes wish I had small feet!

  10. Wow! That frock is just lovely and you picked up stunning pair of vintage shoes - I am size 9 or 10 (N) so I always have trouble finding vintage shoes:(

  11. Pretty! Sorry for my lack of comments lately, i have still been checking you lovely blog regularly :) Love that dress xxx

  12. You look gorgeous. I do love the boots. And of course you know I'd be partial to the purple brooch. ;)

    C x


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