Monday, 14 May 2012

A Mixed Bag

So I must admit my favourite nursing home op shop hasn't had much vintage goodness of late. But on my last visit one of the volunteers said they'd just put a dress on the rack that they thought I would like. I bought it without even trying it on for $3. I also grabbed another old frock for $2, a sweet beaded bag, 2 brooches & some beads all for $10. It's those days when the effort of going thrifting pays off that make it all worthwhile.

Sweet pink & blue beaded bag $3

Another bird brooch to add to my collection.

I love it when a brooch has a hook for a necklace as well.....double duty! This has an interesting 3 dimensional bush scene inside made from bark, with gold boarders. $1

 I seem to be finding these old knuckle bone beads everywhere, but I've never had red ones before!

Here's a sneak peak at the chevron striped frock for winter. $3


  1. That bag is amazing. I love the red necklace and bird brooch too x

  2. Wow! I need to come op shopping with you one day. I love that wee purse and I love those knuckle bone beads (I never knew that's what they were called) I remember my Nana used to be a big fan of those beads!

  3. Name tags inside a vintage dress usually mean the person has lived and died in a nursing home, fyi.

  4. That bag is amazing! Such beautiful jewellery pieces too. xx

  5. Lovely buys that bag is so pretty. Love your handmade dress to in your last post you look gorgeous in it. dee x

  6. Lovely finds, you do have to persevere with charity/op shopping, don't you, patience pays off!
    Love the bag and the brooch/necklace.
    Kitty's comment made me smile, my favourite faux fur coat has a name tag in it (Doreen Shuttleworth) and I always think of the coat as "Doreen" now. I like to imagine she would be pleased her coat is still being worn and much appreciated!
    Looking forward to seeing you in the chevron frock. xxxxx

  7. I think quite a few people who previously owned my clothes are dead. Not to mention quite a bit of my jewellery and most of my china. Not sure where they died, but that doesn't matter. I love that dress! It's wonderful! And the bird brooch! There were knucklebone beads in my local Oxfam and I never bought them!! Silly. You find such great stuff

  8. Love the bag and the winter dress is really gorgeous, perfect winter colours.

    p.s..Clare says the funniest things..haha

  9. Oh the beaded wee bag is so pretty, I just love the colours.
    The dress looks perfect for winter, looking forward to you wearing it and putting it together with your wonderful accessorising.
    Its great when you have a fun treasure hunting day.
    Love v

  10. Ohhh the cotton candy colored bead bag is so pretty!
    And the bird brooch would be perfect for a nautical colored outfit.
    The brooch necklace is lovely.
    And Elsa's dress is fabulous.
    I like finding vintage dresses with names in them. Because then I get to imagine who that person might have been. =)

  11. That bird brooch looks pretty!
    I have a bird pendant just like it!:)

    Love your blog btw!:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  12. Oooh I love the birdie brooch. Beautiful.

  13. Love it that they kept over a dress they thought you might like! that's so nice!

  14. Everyone loves the little bag, me included!

  15. Wow! The beaded bag is a jewel! Hugs from Germany!


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