Friday, 25 May 2012

Elsa Frock Friday

The rain arrived in Brissy today & brought with it cooler temperatures. By cooler I mean 21-22 degrees. Once it hits under 24 degrees Brisbanites pull out the jackets & boots. The rainy weather played havoc with my hair today, which I only attempt to straighten in the cooler months. My natural curl will rarely be tamed when there's moisture in the air. Today I wore my Elsa frock was purchased a few weeks ago at my local nursing home op shop for $3. It's been named Elsa after the Nana who used to own it.

Chunky bracelet gifted from my sister.
Grey stone ring gifted from Miss J.
Mauve brooch that was my Mum's.
Belt, boots & tights all retail.


  1. That's so cool that it has her name tag still inside! I agree, all dresses should be named, ideally after their previous owners.
    You look a treat! xXx

  2. Snap I name my dresses that have a name of a previous owner on the tag.. Actually in fact I have a lovely vintage sweater I must share.....she is Beverly. Looking fab as always Hun, you always come up trumps with dress finds. I found a dress, a perfect vintage dress for me this week at an oppie I haven't been to in about a year. It wasn't priced but then when they wanted $15 for it, I declined.

  3. Oh yay, Elsa is fab!! As always, your accessories are perfect... LOVE your brooch! Sarah xxx

  4. Oh yay, Elsa is fab!! As always, your accessories are perfect... LOVE your brooch! Sarah xxx

  5. When it's 21 degrees here, everyone's out in shorts! It's about 24 today and I'm sweltering!

    You have the best collection of dresses, I think Elsa would like her lovely dress to still be worn

  6. Well, I've told you about my faux fur called Doreen after its former owner, so naming your frock Elsa seems a perfect idea to me!
    And she - and you - look lovely, the colours are brighter in the pics of you wearing the frock and it looks rather Missoni-esque. Delightful! xxx

  7. You look very pretty in Elsa!
    Have a happy weekend.

  8. I really love that frock - the fabric is so pretty!

  9. I have just came back from Bali and the sky might be an amazing blue in Brizvegas but I am freezing. Love Elsa gorgeous dress and I love how you have named it from the tag.

  10. I think you and Elsa are awesome. I just love the zigzags and the colours.


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