Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Antique Fair

One of my favourite weekends of the whole year is the Caloundra Antique & Collectibles Fair held the on the first weekend in May on the Sunshine Coast. Some of my best treasures have been purchased at the fair over the past 4 years. I love seeing the same sellers there each time & catching up with some wonderful collectors. Often Mr P can spend longer there then me, & outspend me too! This year we were neck & neck on purchases. Here's a few pics from the fair.....I'll post about our purchases later.

The fair is held in an indoor sports stadium.

Wearing a vintage maxi frock from the Suitcase Rummage $5

The lobsters made me think of Melanie of Vintage Coconut

Brooches were everywhere!

There was only 1 vintage fashion seller at this fair....it's all about stuff rather then clothes.

They were asking $80 for that barometer....I have the same one found at an op shop for $3.

I was tempted by this green Metamec clock for $30, but the question is where would I put it?

Miss C....this teapot is the same as your Grandma's but in another colour.

The robot reminded me our of our lifelong friend Robie who we sometimes see at the fair.

These are the things that get Mr P's heart racing.

Having a post fair coffee.


  1. i've never been to a fair like that! there has GOT to be one near me.
    that robot! my grandpa had one just like it and i loved it so much he got me one for christmas one year. that brought back a really sweet memory.

  2. Oh my heck, those Lobster photos sped up my heart rate! *lol*
    I dream to find a lovely set like that sometime in the future. I could host the best parties with dishes like that.

    This fair looks like so much fun.
    I suppose you got your barometer for a score of a deal!
    (I picked up a diamond shape one last summer at a yard sale for a couple dollars.)
    I have seen Robie before now I am trying to remember who had one. But what I do remember is that I liked him. *hahah*

    You look great in that dress!
    Thanks for sharing your photos of the fair with us.

  3. I so wish there was a fair like that near me.....it looks awesome. Maybe I should plan a trip to the Sunshine coast????? Looking forward to seeing the pics of your purchases.

  4. Looks like a great way to spend time (and money)!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I love going vintage fairs but I don't tend to buy anything! I love seeing stuff that reminds me of other bloggers. Can't wait to see your buys. xx

  6. This looks like SO much fun! I want to go there, also your maxi frock is FABULOUS!!

  7. So many lovely things! I adore the green clock - and the brooches, of course - and mostly the fantastic record player!!! Love your outfit too - is that a maxi or a jumpsuit?

    Sarah xxx

  8. Looking so very pretty in the pink rose maxi, perfect for a vintage treasure hunt.
    The lobsters were so cool, I would have thought of the gorgeous Miss coconut too!!!
    Love the little Morris car, a baby for daisy-boo. Tee hee.
    What an amazing fair!!!
    Love v

  9. Well, I just knew Melanie would adore the lobsters! They ARE rather cute.
    So much to see... lovely brooches and teapot.
    And that is such a pretty frock you are wearing, love the rose print, it's beautiful.
    What did you buy, what what what???!!! xxxx

  10. My sister used to have that Robot, he was called Mr Money over here, she doesn't seem to want him to I might sneak him into my room...

  11. OH.. SO good to see the Pics. Glad you made it to the fair as you'd hoped. I really LOVE the little penguin brooch in the pic with all the brooches. Afraid that one would have come home with me. Also like the green clock. And thanks for the teapot pic.

    C xx

  12. Love the lobster brooches. Original Karen Walker inspiration? x


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