Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Antique Fair Goodies

Here's some of the things we bought at the Caloundra Antique & Collectibles Fair.

A lovely set of orange retro canisters $15...Lovely Mr P said "Go on...get them".

But the only problem is where to put them????

Japanese made birdy vase $4

Little cross stitch style tin for free.

A pair of English made shoe lasts in the prettiest anodised pink $7.

An old Kande flour sifter $1

A multicoloured gold Sarah Coventry brooch $7

Mr P purchased another vintage Air New Zealand model plane

And he got this box full of transportation pictures with matching stamps from 1980. He has some kind of crafty plan for this $10.

And finally a Modern Housewife magazine from 1965.


  1. Amazing finds!! Particularly love the retro canisters. Wish we had more antique fairs around here :) Lil

  2. OOOOO You came home with some really great stuff.
    * Cannisters are fantastic.
    * Japanese Bird vase is sweet.
    * I come across the shoe trees every now and again. But none compare to your shoe trees! (Isn't that the best compliment you ever heard? hahah)
    * Kande flour sifter is soooo neat (I totally would have wanted it too.)

  3. Love the Model plane -its given me another idea of a new collection!

  4. Ooh I love EVERYTHING! Especially the canisters, the tin and the GOOOOOOOORGEOUS BIRD VASE!!! Sarah xxx

  5. Golly, you guys scored some amazing stuff! Well done x

  6. Wow you bought some beautiful pieces! Good prices for a fair too. The canisters have to be my favourite though. x

  7. Great finds - love the Modern Housewife magazine - I remember fireplaces like that!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. So many goodies and it sounds like they had really good prices there too! I love the canisters best of all:D

  9. Great finds. You find the best anodised things. I love the orange canisters.

  10. Wanna guess my favs?
    The canister for sure, I would kill for them.......well it literally but you know what I mean.
    And you just know how I love a bit of Sarah Coventry.

  11. I had a feeling you would have found some fabulous treasure there!!!! Yes look FABULOUS.
    The canisters are amazing and so had to come home.
    My favorite is the flour sifter.
    The Air NZ plane model is super cool too.
    Looking forward to seeing that beautiful brooch on one of your lovely outfits.

    Love v

  12. you got some really great stuff! those canisters are pretty perfect.

  13. I love it all, though you have the same problem as me.... where the hell to put everything?!!

  14. The cannisters are so lovely. And the vase, and the brooch - well, all of it is great!
    And what's even more great? Your Mr. said "Go on, get them" and that, my dear, is PRICELESS! xxxx

  15. Such wonderful finds. The cannisters are perfection. Yup, I know what you mean about where to put anything....

  16. OMG those canisters are gorgeous what an amazing buy i hope you managed to find a good home for them ;-)) dee x

  17. Ooh, thanks for sharing your newest treasures. I think we have the matching cufflinks here somewhere. The shoe lasts are very unusual, shape and colour wise, great find. x

  18. Love the flour sifter! Great finds.

  19. Wow! Nice finds but my favourite has to be the shoe lasts. They're so pointy!

  20. Those canisters are AMAZING! Even if I had no place to put them, I would still buy them. You can worry about where to place them later, I say. ;)


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