Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Some New Zealand Vintage

I was inspired by Camelias and Crinolines & The Velvettes recent posts about the labels on New Zealand made vintage fashion. Here are a few pieces I've purchased on our travels to N.Z the past few years. Most of my clothing purchases have been made on Karangahape Road in Auckland, known as K-Road. I must admit it is my favourite vintage shopping destination in New Zealand. I'm lucky that my hubby loves it too, although you do run into some interesting folk on K-Road, men dressed up as women & that kind of thing! I am looking forward to finding some more Kiwi vintage during our much hoped for trip in September.

Oh & speaking of N.Z....yesterday I won a jet boat ride with KJet in Queenstown thanks to my hubby prompting me to like them on Facebook. We've done the Kawarau Jet before & loved it, so I would be more then happy to go again.  Thank you KJet!

I found this pretty pink & green blouse in a vintage store in Saint Kevins Arcade on K-Road in Auckland.

This three quarter sleeve jacket was purchased at another K-Road store. It has the cutest pointy collar.

A green & white stripe blazer from yet another K-Road vintage store.

This teal blue jacket is part of a suit with a matching skirt, found in an op shop in Oxford on the South Island. I think I paid $8 for the set. Ballantynes is a lovely South Island department store.

A zip front top from K-Road.

I think this maxi skirt is handmade. It's a lovely winter weight fabric. Purchased on K-Road.

This pink maxi dress was purchased at the Auckland Vintage Textile Fair. Unfortunately the tag has been cut off.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Retro Metro

Last weekend my hubby & I dropped in at a garage sale on our way to Paddington, where I got 2 pairs of shoes & a handmade dress all for $7. At the moment Paddington is my favourite place to go to in Brisbane. My Nana lived in Paddington most of her life, & my parents both grew up there, so it holds a special place in my heart. It has a wonderful huge antique center the PAC, plus a strip of op shops & vintage stores that run down a main road. I found 2 lovely frocks for a total of $15 at  Retro Metro. There are two Retro Metro stores on LaTrobe Terrace. The main one is beautiful & stocks premium vintage clothing, but the prices are way above my budget. The other store just down the road is held under an old Queenslander house, & it is the cheaper outlet. I have found lots of clothing here, & prices start at $5.

Firstly here are my garage sale buys.....

These Italian silver shoes were $5....they are just like a pair my Mum had back in the early 70's which ended up in my dress up box as a girl. I felt a bit like Cinderella trying them on & finding they were a perfect fit!

 Vintage off white sandals

The garage sale seller threw in the above handmade dress for free.

This vintage dress from Retro Metro came with the original tags. There's something special about finding an old dress that has never been worn before.

Vintage Kenwall frock from Retro Metro which is a perfect fit.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Elsa Frock Friday

The rain arrived in Brissy today & brought with it cooler temperatures. By cooler I mean 21-22 degrees. Once it hits under 24 degrees Brisbanites pull out the jackets & boots. The rainy weather played havoc with my hair today, which I only attempt to straighten in the cooler months. My natural curl will rarely be tamed when there's moisture in the air. Today I wore my Elsa frock was purchased a few weeks ago at my local nursing home op shop for $3. It's been named Elsa after the Nana who used to own it.

Chunky bracelet gifted from my sister.
Grey stone ring gifted from Miss J.
Mauve brooch that was my Mum's.
Belt, boots & tights all retail.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Thrifted Finds

I'm sorry about the double post coming up in the reader. I accidentally hit publish  on the post when I intended to hit save, & then I tried to delete the post, but realized it still comes up in the reader regardless. So that's the reason behind the double post.

I love going over to the Bayside suburb of Wynnum & having an op shop fossic. Wynnum has almost a dozen op shops in close proximity to each other, so it is always a fun way to spend a few hours. Here are a few of the things I found at Wynnum. Just a pity I didn't bump into the lovely Desiree who frequents these op shops in fabulous fashion!

A retro Japanese tea/coffee pot $3

The sweetest birdy embroidery doily

And as usual some more green beads for the collection.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Etsy Frock Friday

I am glad to say that Mr P is feeling much better, & I have not yet succumbed to it either....Yay for that! So Frock Friday can proceed as usual. Today's frock is a recent purchase from a USA Etsy seller. It is a shift dress in a crimpelene fabric with a matching jacket, & it cost $12.

Thrifted Gold Crest bag
Thrifted bark art necklace
Ring from Target
Bracelet passed down from my Nana
Shoes from Target

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nana Knits

Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week. I have a very sick Mr P home from work with gastro, & I now have the feeling I might be getting it too, although I'm still hoping it may just be sympathy tummy! I am a complete vomit phobe, & I can count the times I've spewed on one hand, although it's hard to remember when it happens so infrequently. It really is my least favourite thing to do! Anyhoo I will see how I go but I may miss my usual frock Friday post, as I'm sure Mr P would be just delighted to take my photo at the moment!

I found these sweet old Nana cardigans at my fave nursing home op shop. Miss Vanessa is my Nana cardigan inspiration...she wears them so well over her lovely dresses. These cost $3 each. It sure beats buying jumpers in normal retail stores.

A traditional brown cardy....I love the orange/brown buttons on this one.

This one has an old tag plus the name of the dear old Nana it belonged to in the nursing home no doubt. And yes I do realize what that means Kitty. Usually there is only one way out of a nursing home, but that doesn't bother me as long as the owner was not wearing the said item at the time of their departure!

This one is by 1970's brown tone stripes with pockets on the front.