Monday, 30 April 2012

Thrifted Finds

Here's a few things I've found at my local op shops of late.

My favourite find was this kitsch little vase thing (I'm not too sure what they were used for) from Salvos with a scary looking child & a sweet little deer.

Being a bit partial to an old tin, I found this shabby one at my local Lifeline for $1. It has such a pretty picture on each side.

As most of you know I really don't "need" any more jewellery. My accessory collection is HUGE! But I gave into temptation & bought some more bead necklaces. I don't have many short ones so I thought I'd better remedy that.

Dark grey knuckle-bone beads to add to my collection here

Mint green beads.

Powder blue beads.

Turquoise beads.

Green beads for 10cents.

Australian pottery brand Diana Nefertiti butter dish from the 1950's $2.


  1. You totally needed all those necklaces - they are all beautiful. Plus at that price how could you leave them behind;)

  2. That vase is super adorable! You can never have too many accessories. xx

  3. You always seem to find the best tins. I live all the necklaces. You can never have too many accessories.

  4. I agree, you can never have too many piece of jewellery. They are lovely. The vase is creepy cute. Enjoy your week, T x

    p.s love the birdcage stand in the last post, and the dress is really cute. I don't know how you do it, but you always find the best vintage clothes.

  5. that vase is really cute! and i love the necklaces you picked up.

  6. Love the tin! You are so right about the little child - I wouldn't go too near if I was the deer!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Why isn't my name Diana Nefertiti? Everything you got is amazing, those powder blue beads are the best. Very jealous!

  8. Those beads just HAD to come home with you, especially at those prices - you NEEDED them!
    Odd child but cute deer; lovely tin, and Diana Nefertiti? What a name! But you wouldn't necessarily associate it with butter dishes...! xxxxxxxxx

  9. The tin!! O! I adore it!!
    Hey,Trees is right,you NEEDED those beads!!! I'm of the opinion that you can NEVER have too many accessories of any kind!!! Just not enough storage!XXX

  10. All of those necklaces are great, love the colors.


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