Friday, 13 April 2012

Pastel Frock Friday

Today's vintage frock was purchased at a garage sale for $4.  We took these photos down by the bay just a couple of minutes drive from home.

Accessorized with thrifted vintage beads
Birdy brooches from my Mum (top) & Miss Vanessa (bottom) from Two Squirrels
Mini plate ring from Ebay
Vintage 1970's bangle from Miss Vanessa's store that is no more....Tete a Tete in Christchurch
Blue Ray Ban sunnies.


  1. Oh oh the brooch from us is lovely on that very pretty dress!!!!!!
    The little bird one from your mum is just gorgeous, so nice that it is a family piece.
    The bangle makes me happy and sad at the same time. I so miss the shop.
    Sending lots of love and happiness to you sweet. v

  2. What a pretty dress. You have MANY pretty dresses! (I should talk...)
    And what a gorgeous backdrop - now THAT I don't have!
    Love all your jewellery, especially your birdy brooches. Whenever I see anything with a bird on it, I think of you! xxx

  3. again, another gorgeous dress with really lovely accessories to go with it!

  4. Lovely dress honey. Is it handmade? I'm almost certain I have that fabric somewhere!

  5. Way cute!!! I must get back on the outfit posts soon!

  6. love the colour and print on this dress so pretty!

  7. What a gorgeous place for pictures.
    I love that pretty dress, and the accessories you put with it.

  8. I love your pastel frock. Such pretty colours. The bird brooches are lovely too.

  9. I love the fabric and the cut of this frock - also your hair look great in these pics xoxox

  10. Gorgeous dress and beautiful brooches! Sarah xxx

  11. Gorgeous dress and gorgeous brooches!


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