Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Garage Sale Goodies

I don't often get to garage sales, but some time ago I did stumble across an old ladies garage sale just down the street from me & I picked up a few vintage goodies. She had a stack of old magazines & lots of old movie memorabilia. I grabbed a couple of magazines called 'Woman & Home' from 1953 & 1956. I really love the old advertisements for kitchen & home products. I also bought an old ABBA magazine & a couple of carved plastic bangles, & some brooches too.

ABBA were HUGE when I was little, so I do like a bit of memorabilia.

Carved bangles for 50 cents.

Woman & Home from 1953.

Woman & Home from 1956

I grabbed these 2 old brooches for $2. I don't have any with black stones so I was pleased to add something different to my growing collection.


  1. The brooches are really gorgeous. Meg xx

  2. Omg, the ABBA magazine is amazing! I am probably the most ardent 19 year-old fan of theirs you'll ever find. My entire childhood was spent with ABBA on in the background, so they're a huge part of my life! I even have an AMAZINGGGG original 70s tshirt with a picture of them on. I really should put a photo of it on my blog sometime, it cost me a fair bit but apparently they go for up to $250 these days which is amazing!

  3. I love the jewellery bits and those magazines are great. They are so fun to read. xx

  4. Oh the brooches are lovely!
    ABBA wow that is so cool, I collected ABBA bubble-gum cards when I was little.
    The T-shirt that Georgia has is amazing!!! I hope she does show it.
    Garages sales are the best, especially when it's lovely old poppets who just love that you love there treasure.
    Happy squirrel hugs
    Love v

  5. That second brooch is really unusual! You got some great stuff - I love those magazines! Such great adverts!

  6. You scored some great finds at the garage sale.
    I loved the old magazines & the jewelry.
    I am a garage sale-aholic... They are just starting up here but in a couple weeks I will be hitting up 10-15 garage sales every Saturday I CAN'T WAIT!! *hehe*

  7. Lovely things. Especially those pretty brooches.
    Ahh, Abba. The soundtrack of my young teenage years...
    And the illustrations and adverts in old magazines are always fantastic, aren't they? xxxx

  8. love those women and home magazines they will be great fun to look at and those brooches are really pretty, dee x

  9. I haven't been to a garage sale in the longest time, I didn't even know people still had them. You picked up some great finds though - love the brooches:)

  10. Good scores! Looks like maybe you should hit up more garage sales with that luck...


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