Friday, 27 April 2012

Free Frock Friday

It's been a quiet week on the blogging front. Hopefully my mojo will return quick smart. I was given this 'Finlaw' frock for free when I purchased another one at a store in Brisbane called Sooki near West End. It had longer sleeves which I cut off & hemmed. It buttons down the front & has 2 lovely pockets on the hips. The fabric is a nice thick & stretchy polyester, which means I only get to wear it when it cools down a bit, which it is FINALLY doing here in Brisbane (much to my delight!).

Birdy brooch by Each to Own
Blingy brooch from my Mum in law
Ring from Target
Birdy bracelet from K-Road in Auckland


  1. Oh my you do find some frocks don't you. I think you need to show me around the traps up your way. X

  2. It's such a lovely dress - send some hot weather our way though please! I love your pretty blue shoes too!!

  3. Beautiful print on your dress. You have a wonderful jewellery collection, I'm envious of your huge selection of brooches!
    Glad you posted - I miss you when you're not around! xxxxx

  4. Oh that is such a pretty pattern, you so suit blue!!! The sandal are just perfect with it!!!
    I just love all the gorgeous brooches you have too!!!
    Hey sweet a post for your 100th post is coming up on my reader but will not open. Yay for your 100th post.
    Love v

  5. You basically have the best collection of brooches ever! I am jealous!! I love the blue of your frock too and your shoes. Super cute!

  6. Free frock1 Yay!
    Great brooch and frock - you look triff. I LOVE those big front pockets!

  7. a vintage freebie is never a bad thing!!

  8. You look really lovely beautiful dress love the colours. Have a lovely ahead, dee x

  9. Very sweet dress, I love the buttons they are like mini UFO'S! *Hehaha*
    Those shoes go with it perfectly.
    You look lovely all frocked up.

  10. I love the dress, but I'm having super major envy over those shoes!

  11. It's one beautiful dress! I can't wait to go thrift shopping again and see what treasures I can find. :)


  12. Oh my what a gorgeous frock! The print is to die for, and it fits you like a glove. AND YOU GOT IT FOR FREE? So awesome.


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