Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Frock Friday

This week's frock photos are from a while ago, & with the Easter break I thought I'd post a day early. Mr P & I will be having a quiet Easter break, plus Mr P only gets 2 days off out of 4 anyway. We'll be celebrating my Dad's birthday & also remembering the real reason for Easter....the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. I hope you all have a safe & blessed Easter break.

Today's frock was from Ebay. It had never been worn, & still has the paper tags sewn on the inside. It has a metal zipper down the back, & it had a frill around the neckline which I have tucked in. I think it cost me $10. I tend to feel a bit overdone in the dress so it hasn't been worn very often, but I'm hoping the belt & cardigan dress it down a bit. Curtise has inspired me to wear my maxis more often. The fabric is grey with shadowy dark grey areas & orange & red flowers.

Excuse the double chin shot!

Happiness = original paper tags!

Accessorized with my typewriter key bracelet (from Mr P) with charms (from Miss J).
Grey stone ring from Miss J.
Strange old necklace with a dried flower inside from Paddington Endos. When I see it from the corner of my eye I tend to jump because I think it's a spider!


  1. Oh I really love this one on you - its fab - especially since you only paid $10 for it!!!

    Hope you have a great Easter xoxox

  2. I'm jealous of your ability to look great in a maxi dress. I'm glad other people get excited about paper tags too. I love that necklace. It seems so Victorian to have a necklace with a dried flower in it.

  3. What a gorgeous frock I don't think it looks too dressy at all! Curtise does do a maxi well and so do you. xx

  4. Lovely dress honey, I like how you have styled it with the belt and short sleeve cardie. You are always nabbing nice dresses.

  5. You've got a great figure and the dress shows it off perfectly. I think the necklace is probably about the same age as the dress, though it's very strange isn't it?

  6. I love love love that dress! Suits you so well too!
    Have a happy weekend.

  7. Oh how I love this dress! I'm very happy to be source of a little inspiration (don't think that's been said to me very often, so thank you!) You look fabulous, and I agree, dressing outfits down a little with belts or cardigans (or in my case, a denim jacket or boots) means I don't feel as "done" or overdressed. You should definitely do maxis more often, you're rocking it!
    PS. Love that typewriter bracelet - it's inspired! xxxxxx

  8. What a lovely dress, I love the pattern and colors.
    Very cool bracelet!

    *heheheh about the spider comment... I have done that too*
    And if anyone sees me freaking out about the non existant spider I feel so stupid. *lol*

  9. Oh sweet what yummy fabric, you look so very pretty.
    The bracelet is just perfect.
    Happy happy Easter
    Love and happiness to you V


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