Friday, 2 March 2012

Noosa Frock Friday & a Valentines Surprise

While we were away I ended up wearing this frock a few times. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff I took away for 3 weeks. My hubby has become accustomed to my packing monster. Each time I do it I say never again, as I swear I only wear about 10% of what I bring. Maybe I'll learn next time.......????

I bought this vintage cotton frock at the Paddington Antique Center in Brisbane. I don't wear much in the way of blue, but I think the touch of green in the print sold it to me.

Worn with my Kellie Cristie owls of course!

Noosa looks a little gloomy with a big summer storm on the way. I've really got to think of another camera pose!!!

Mr P & I usually don't do Valentines Day presents. We tend to be away on holidays each Valentines day, so we prefer to enjoy lunch out at a nice cafe. It was a lovely surprise to find this Nana rug pillow had been purchased without my knowledge from Lamington in Noosa. It's so big & cuddly, & just perfect in green. I figure he must really love me to make a Nana purchase like that! Lamington is my favourite store in Noosa. It's right at the end of Hasting Street, & it combines vintage wares with handmade goods from around Australia. It is surprisingly well priced for Noosa as well.

Mr P also brought these old vintage glasses home for me, made by the Aussie brand Silhouette.


  1. Your bird necklace looks great with that frock but the summer storm in the background looks ominous!

    I love your valentines gift - so cute. I have a craft book that has a pattern for buying "nana" blankets (peggy square blankets) and turning them into cushions. I love the idea - but I don't think I could cute up a lovely blanket that someone spent hours making!

  2. That owl necklace is amazing. The print on your dress is fabulous. The pillow is lovely. I can just imagine some sweet old lady knitting it.

  3. I love those frames!! Such a sweet pillow and a nice frock on you. I always under pack but it leaves me room for more goodies to buy! xx

  4. Love the cushion - I'm so into crochet at the moment! Wish I had kept all my old glasses! Greetings from Scotland.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. That nana rug cushion is stunning. The perfect finishing touch to a vintage bedroom I reckon...the colours are perfect. I really do love it.

  6. The frock is gorgeous, you should wear blue more often, it really suits you. And of course some owls, and green ones at that, are always a welcome addition!
    How lovely of your husband to get that crochet pillow for you. I'm generalising, I know, but I think most men don't get either crochet OR pillows/cushions, so he's really proved he know and loves you with that special gift! xxxx

  7. I love that colour on you - and the owl necklace is suepr sweet! I love the crochet pillow - of course - I love ANYTHING crocheted! Sarah xxx

  8. OMG I totally missed that you gave me an award!! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

  9. cuuuute dress. perfect for the beach.

  10. Ooo,that pillow is heavenly!!!
    Ha,the view isn't quite what I usually expect in Noosa!Hasn't the weather been atrocious both here and there?!
    The owl necklace is soooo sweet!
    packing?!Ugh,I dread packing for trips,I make lists and still go nuts!

  11. Love that pillow and dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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