Friday, 3 February 2012

Thoughtful Friends & Holiday Time

 Mr P & I are off on our annual summer holiday to the Sunshine Coast. I have picked up a little bit over the past few days (YAY!) & hopefully our time away will do me the world of good. I'm glad to finally be off  the heart monitors too (no results back yet). I had the chance to pop into my fav little op shop (after being de-wired) which reopened today...Oh how I've missed the op shops in the past few weeks. I purchased a mere 4 vintage few compared to my last haul of 18! (I didn't keep them all!) I will show & tell at a later date. I usually don't have computer access while we're away. I know I will really miss reading all of your lovely blogs. But be assured I will be back....commenting & blogging & searching for undiscovered vintage treasures! Thanks so much for all of your lovely responses on past posts & for your care over the past few means a lot to me! Xx

I must admit to making an Ebay purchase during my time home bound, but it was only 99cents which hardly counts does it? It's a green trimmed maxi dress by John J Hilton....It's a Hilton Honey! I can just picture lounging around in this at Noooosa Darling!

I just had to share a pic of the custom bunting that I ordered from the lovely Caroline over at Things I Do....she is so clever & creative. She made double sided bunting with a birdy theme, and she added in this cute birdy brooch. Thank you so much! Xx

The bunting is hanging in our bedroom.

I wanted to thank those dear friends of mine who have phoned or sent messages, & have sent me little parcels of love during the past few yucko weeks. I am so blessed to have some extra special friends in my life, some of whom have suffered with the same illness as me, for as long as I have, & they always seem to know when I need a bit of extra encouragement. So I want to say a big thank you to Miss C, Miss G & Miss S. You girls are some of the bravest I know, & your love & support over the past few weeks has been such a blessing to me.

My dear Miss G from Victoria sent me this parcel of goodies...the retro style top was from a shop in St Kilda. Miss G knows how much I love St Kilda, & the combination of green & pink. She also included a handmade notebook & handmade chocolates, with a birdy wall canvas. Thank you dear Miss G.

My dear Miss C gave me this anodised teapot that belonged to her Grandmother a while back. It is in the prettiest blue, & it is in wonderful condition. Miss C knows I will forever treasure this one. Love you Miss C.

Miss S sent me a sweet little birdy card & a lovely magnet bookmark....which she said reminded her of VintageBirdGirl. Miss S is a very talented artist who designs cards & writes her own blog too called ByShi.


  1. What kind friends you have. Enjoy your lovely holiday away. I have a hilton honey too a green crazy one! It featured in one of my very first posts.


  2. Have a lovely time at the sunny coast I hope the sun is shining brightly for you the whole time you are away.

  3. Have a wonderful time! It's minus 1 here so I'm dreaming of sunny coasts and warm sands! and sea the colour of that tea pot! Such lovely stuff... can't believe you picked up 18 dresses!

  4. I am glad you're feeling better, what a lovely range of presents from friends:) Also - 18 dresses in one visit? That's like the op shopping motherload!!

  5. I am so sorry to read that you have been unwell, and glad that you are feeling better. Enjoy your time on the Sunshine Coast, my family visited there about 4 years ago and thought it was wonderful. I agree, 18 dresses is a motherload of dresses, well done. I do hope you have a lovely time and looking forward to reading your blog when you are back on line. Take care of yourself.

  6. Have a lovely relaxing time on your holiday. You deserve it!
    Gorgeous gifts from your friends - I'm sure their love and kind thoughts have really helped.
    Gorgeous frock! You do have an enviable frock collection! xxxxx

  7. Your green maxi dress is amazing! Scarlett x

  8. Have a wonderful holiday and hopefully lots of successful Op Shopping along the way. Thanks for visiting my Blog and if your ever in NE Victoria let me know.

  9. Hey Sweetie! I Thank YOU for all your friendship and support, you are a blessing to ME. I really LOVE that hilton dress..I can just see you wearing it. The Teapot looks fab amongst your other treasures. I do know you treasure it and that means alot. Happy a nice time up the coast. C XX

  10. i love that teapot! i've never seen anything like it!
    have a wonderful holiday!

  11. nominated you for a blog award thing, see my blog for details

  12. What a stunning, eye catching dress and I LOVE the blue teapot, I haven't seen anything like it!!

    Have a wonderful trip xx

    I'm running a giveaway over at my blog and would love you to enter: Jewellery pack giveaway xox


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