Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Place & Yours....Green Theme

I'm linking up with Vic over at Punky & Me who has kicked off a new meme this week called "My Place and Yours" with the theme being green. Now this one is easy for me, seeing as green is my favourite colour & I am always drawn to collecting anything old & green.  So here are a few pics of some green things around my house, some of which you may have seen before. Believe me there are plenty more green things I've yet to photograph!

My twin goose-neck floor lamp with green lamp shades.

Green + Anodised = Love

My free kerbside cleanup 70's string art...maybe it should have been kicked to the curb?

My $3 op shop swans.

My sisters original green Grade 1 suitcase as seen here.

 Green glass.

My dream green telephone which I am yet to own.

Green fine china

My green Nana rug.

Here's just a few of my green vintage frocks.

A very bright cotton maxi dress.

Just a few of my green rings.

A green USA frock.

One of my first vintage frocks....a green maxi dress.

Green beads & a brooch.

Green button jewellery.

More green jewellery....the middle one was a gift from Tasmania from Miss G.

Green wooden Kellie Cristie necklace.

Vintage Sheridan sheet set.

Green Kellie Cristie squirrel button necklace.

Some green vintage brooches.

 Vintage clutch bag.


  1. So much green!!!

    I love, love, love your squirrel button necklace.

  2. love the cannisters and the frocks are beautiful and the beads too and that sheridan sheet is AMAZING, green is my fave colour too! hope everything is going well for you this week

  3. wow lots of green! I love the dresses and that clutch.

  4. I love it all especially the fab lamp, the canisters, the USA dress and the jewellery - the BROOCHES!!!

    Sarah xxx

    PS I will send you my first born chld if you remove the Word Verification from comments. It's a pain in the neck and I PROMISE you won't get spam if you remove Word Verification and disallow anonymous comments. So, do you want a boy or a girl? xxx

  5. Yay what a green dream of such yummy yummy treasure!!!
    Oh I am with the other poppets, love love the squirrel necklace, you wear it so well.
    Oh oh and those lamps are AMAZING!!!
    Love v

    PS: hope you are feeling better, sending a squirrel hug.

  6. Wonderful lamp! Yo realy DO lve green!
    The prnts on your frocks are gorgeous.
    So many lovely things...
    PS. How are you feeeling? xxxx

  7. Green is my favourite colour as well. I just cannot decide with green item I like best on your page. I love the owl necklace and the sheets and the flower ring at the end and...


  8. OMG! I am totally GREEN with envy! I lurve GREEN! It rocks my socks and you have sooo many beautiful green treasures ... the brooches, the dresses, the glass, the cannisters, the sheets ... arghhhh!

    All fabulous! Love it!


  9. oooh I love all that green! The bed spread and that USA dress especially.

  10. You have so many beautiful green things in your home!! I feel quite jealous!

  11. What a lovely collection! Love the green suitcase especially.

  12. You have so many green goodies, and they are all so beautiful. So cute that you have your sisters grade 1 case, so special.

  13. OMG you have the most amazing collection of green! Like a lot of the girls it is hard to pick any one thing but being a collector of Vintage brooches I keep going back to your green lovelies!

  14. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I am swooning left, right & centre... especially at that adorable corner with the lamp & the sheep & the crochet... LOVE!

    Thanks for joining in - this meme just wouldn't have been complete without all of your green loveliness!

  15. I am green with envy..hahaha

    The kerbside art made me smile, how could you not been give it a new home. Love your sheep art too.

    Enjoy your weekend, TAM x


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