Monday, 27 February 2012

Holiday Thrifted Finds

I always love having a look through op shops while I'm on holidays. The anticipation of wonderful treasure keeps me at it, although I found the Sunshine Coast op shops to be a bit disappointing this year. Caloundra is a place full of retired folk, so you would expect a fair amount of vintage clothing to be donated....but I am yet to discover where the vintage goodies end up. I discovered an op shop that was packed full of stuff & dirt cheap. I think it would have to be a new favourite of mine & definitely worth a visit. Salvos at Maroochydore have opened a little vintage shop within the main op shop. It's only opened on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays. It is packed full of vintage, retro & antique items, but the prices can be a bit steep for an op shop. I felt like I didn't find many treasures while we were away, but I guess when I took photos of it all I realized I did okay after all.

This was my one & only vintage clothing purchase. A frock from Caloundra Salvos for $7. It reminds me of something my Mum would have worn in the late 1970's. It comes to mid calf so I'm trying to decide whether to take up the hem or not?

A few ornaments to add to my collection.

I am not a dog person, but I couldn't pass up this little china doggie for $1 at Lifeline Maroochydore.

A little birdy from Caloundra Vinnies for 50cents.

A bigger double birdy ornament from Warana Lifeline.

I hope to find a frame to put this cute cross stitch in.....20cents.

A couple of embroidered pillowcases for 50cents.

This is an embroidered table runner...... $1

I love this little black tin with cross stitch style flowers for 50cents from Maroochydore Salvos.

Scuffy is my favourite Little Golden Book....reminds me of my childhood & makes me think of my tug boat loving husband.

An old copy of 'Jane Eyre'

A glossy Japanese birdy box for $2.


  1. Yah! So many treasures, I love that frock. Very pretty.

    Also the tin with the cross stitched flowers is lovely.

  2. I think you did rather well! I actually have that cross stitch girl on my wall! A fellow blogger gifted it to me, mines in a white frame. x

  3. you did really well! I love the old and musty op shops the best, they're usually the cheapest x

  4. Love the finds - especially the old pillow cases they are lovely.

  5. I really like the dress. There are some gems from the 70's despite the polyester! This post has just made me long to get out there and rummage through the charity shops! Just found your blog, am following you now! x

  6. also... tagged you in a q&a session! though feel free to decline! x

  7. Caloundra op shops are so good I always find something good when I am there. Im in love with that cross stitch so cute.

  8. You got some great things! I love the 70s frock and the Japanese lacquer box, and like you, I'm not really a dog person but that little pup is rather cute! xxx

  9. You did well,a lovely lot of pretties. I think I've been in the Warana opshop did it smell like glue?

  10. Hehe yes Simmone....the Warana op shop has a very strange smell. Hits you as soon as you open the door! It seems to be unique to that store!

  11. Wow - love all those linens - great finds!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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