Monday, 23 January 2012

Thrifting Kiwi Style

My hubby & I have been to New Zealand 5 times in the last 6 years. Some people wonder why the obsession with the land of the long white cloud, but we have fallen in love with the place & if it were practical would consider moving there. Mr P's sister who has been one of my best friends my entire life has married a Kiwi & is living in of course we must cross the ditch for a visit every now & then. Anyhoo I thought I'd share some of the thrifted goodies I've found in various towns in New Zealand....not including clothes & jewellery which I'll save for another day. The only thing that stops me bringing home more treasures is the weight of my luggage!

On our last trip I picked up this little blue Japanese clock from a seller in Matakana on the North Island.

Mr P's repo tin aeroplane toy is from a store on K-Road in Auckland.

I grabbed this cute 12 Days of Christmas tin from the Matakana Markets for a couple of dollars.

Also from Matakana Markets we found this cute vintage paint by numbers birdy painting for $2.

I found this old china sugar duster in an op shop in Taupo.

Before the Christchurch earthquake I found these cute little green tins at a junk shop in the city.

 An old Air New Zealand model plane to add to Mr P's collection at an antique store in Auckland.

This isn't actually old but I bought this tin clock from a strange junk shop in Ashburton for $1, & I was surprised to find it actually works.

My absolute favourite & strangest NZ find would have to be this little bird in a metal cage. It's a Japanese piece & I've been looking for one for ages. We stopped at an op shop in Roxbrough on the South Island & I spotted this little beauty for $6. When you turn it on the birdy whistles & tweets. Love!

 I bought these wall duck mirrored trio from a store in Dunedin, & a vintage tourism advert for Queenstown.


  1. I love the little birdie in the cage so cute!!

  2. Fabulous finds, I really like the bird and Mr P's plane. I'd like to see more of Mr P's collections too. Thanks for sharing, Tam x

  3. Omg! I have exactly the same tobacco tin! It's coming up in a planned post next week! Great minds xxx

  4. Im in love with the little birdy in the cage, so sweet.

  5. Aah, such lovely quirky things! Quirky is ALWAYS good! The bird in the cage is my favourite. xxx

  6. I love it all, well done! The sugar duster is gorgeous!

  7. I want to move to NZ too - I need to live next door to Helga!

    I love all of your treasures - especially the bird in a cage, the paint by numbers and the lovely 12 days of xmas tin!

    Sarah xxx

  8. We'd love to visit NZ too - for the chance of seeing Penguins and all the other amazing experiences you can try in that country. Love all the clocks you stumbled across - especially the first!

  9. i love the bird in the cage! i'm so jealous you can just pop over to new zealand. i want to go there so bad. it takes 27 hours of flights to get there. maybe in a few years i'll get to go.

  10. I'm thinking the South Island finds are pretty fly ;)

  11. wow, your NZ finds are spectacular! I too make the pilgrimage across the ditch each year as I hail from Taranaki! My family are spread around the North Island and I miss all those back street op shops from my home town! Arrggh ... living in a one horse town .. I mean a one op shop town can be sooo frustrating!

    May you find all sorts of lovely treasure on each and every trans-tasman journey! :-)


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